Do you think Clem should have a love interest?

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For those of you that do not know what a love interests is or are taking this the wrong way. In entertainment and creative writing a love interest is a romantic subplot its not a full on relationship. Its just someone a character finds interest in. A simple crush. It can be the thing that motivates the character to do something good or bad.

Do you think Clem should have a love interest?

If so what would he be like?

Kids can have crushes to before you start arguing. If you don't have a soul then haven't you watched "the wonder years"?

Edit: And no a love interest does not have to be sexual. As a kid it can be just someone you really like. Like a crush.



  • He would be like Duck...just completely different.

  • Not unless its someone around her age, and even then they are rather young to have feelings for one another.

    Then again, middle schoolers are dating each other all the time at my school.

    I think she technically had feelings for Duck. Putting a bug on someone's pillow is about as flirty as it gets at that age.

  • There also is a scene in episode2 where she look´s at a picture of a duck in the cabin and she says "Duck" in a sad voice. That´s true love in my eyes!

  • Shes age 11 in season 2. A love interest is someone your attracted to it doesn't have to be a full on relationship. It can be a secret crush. Crushes can start at a young age.

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    I think she will have a secret crush on Kenny when he comes back in the next episode because...who wouldn´t have a crush on Kenny right? Can´t resist the Stache!

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    Depends on your idea of love.

    Someone who she has very strong feelings for and wants to have sexual relations with? No.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a puppy love interest develope though, someone she cares for deeply not because she views them as a guardian or anything, but because she likes who they are. An awkward first kiss and holding hands. Anything more than a strong like would be too much imo.

    TLOU Left Behind comes to mind...

    EDIT: I shouldn't have to, but with some people on this forum I feel I must stress the obvious must be her age situation.

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    Dunno, sounds weird for a 11yo in the apocalypse to be caring about a boyfriend b-but i want clem to be happy :(

    As long as telltale doesn't pull off this fucking bullshit right here

    Alt text
    How to ruin a character.jpg

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    Its just a cute kid crush. When you hear love interest is that the only thing that comes to your mind? sex? Theres something wrong if so. You have never had a crush as a kid?

  • Of course I have. I went into detail on that in the second part of my post...

  • Omg I loved that scene! That was so well done all I could do was sit back and smile!

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    Alt text

    EDIT: Jeez people, I was just shocked, I haven't played Left Behind yet.

  • What are you confused about?

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    The sit back and smile part, I know you didn't mean that now tho.

  • Normally I wouldn't point this out, but PLEASE stop using ` instead of '.

  • As a single person I hate how.....


    I look at telltales twd game as more of an interactive tv show than I do a game and was glad to not have any romantic kissy kissy bullshit since every other show, tv, and hell even video games nowadays. It was refreshing to be able to play this game and not have think "Fuck im going to die alone, thanks for throwing that in my face." And before you start throwing in the oh he's just mad cause he's a loser at me. NO! I choose to be single these days cause every girl my age is more interested in her dumbass smartphone to actually have a meaningful conversation with. Same reason I kind of quit hanging with my friends. I just hate my age group. And I don't want to date anybody older than me, and if I date younger id be a pedo so not having any of that.

  • I think it should just be a crush at most.

  • Why? So I can either hate the character or grow to like him just to get all sad when he dies? No, thanks.

    Sidenote: I'm Team Liked the Ellie/Riley Crush. It was heartwarming and then super heartbreaking.

  • Are you saying I shouldn't enjoy and be happy about the attempt NaughtyDog put into their game that was supposed to be a happy and enjoyable moment? When Clem stitches herself we cringe, and she almost gets eaten we get sad/angry, when she watches Lee die we cry, when she says silly thing we laugh. When a satisfying moment like the aforementioned scene happens we should smile and be content, that was the goal of the game developers.

    Should I sit back and frown and clentch my fists and spit in anger?

    I don't know why but I didn't read the second half of your post until I wrote everything above this..... Hahaha oops. Sorry!

  • 11 years old, in a Z-apocalypse? Fuck No!

  • Instead of "Can`t touch the Stache!" Do "Can't touch the stache!"

  • No, I'm sorry, I came off as a dick there but if i'm mad about anything, Left behind has been spoiled for me...

  • Do you mean i should stop Editing commend´s? Sometime when i write something a part of it doesn´t get shown (cut of) that´s why i do it.

  • I still dón´t understand what you are trying to say me...

  • The poster definitely should have put a spoiler tag at the very least :(

    I still highly suggest playing the DLC even if you have already seen a pretty climactic part of it. A fantastic addition to the already awe inspiring story.

    If you do watch it let me know what you think, I'm dying to talk to some other people about it, but I'm not going to the ND forums :p

  • I gues you are unable to give me an appropriate answer so let´s just leave it like this then.

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    Nah, it's not like the entire DLC was leading up to that moment or something. I saw that .gif before I played it and it didn't spoil anything for me really.

    Also, more downvotes pl0x.

  • Kill this thread now please.

  • Love stories are great. They give an important role to any story, be it game or tv show or book. Human nature is very much dictated by our drive to find a special relationship that we love to love.

  • My PS3 wouldn't turn on & my Last of Us was in there so i uhh smashed it open by punching it over & over again & got my Last of Us out so i can't play it, I'm just watching it on YouTube right now tho.

  • I don't own a PS3, I watched in on YouTube also. Videos without commentary of course because most YouTubers won't shut up for the dialogue.....

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    As someone who had been guilty of this for a very long time himself, I feel obliged to tell you this:

    (If you have the QWERTZ keyboard, dunno how it is with other ones) There is a key right next to the "ä" key, under the "+" key and above the right shift key. That is the "#" key. Press shift and that key to create a '

    THIS is the right thing to type if you want to indicate a missing letter. Not the version next to the "?" key. That thing is for putting accents over vovels. Or something like that. Dunno, it's some French shit.

    Fuck this -> `

    use this -> '

    Don't worry, bro, you were not the only one who never knew for a long time. I was embarrassed of myself, too.

  • Why? This hasn't downgraded into idiotic 'Clem and ]uke' banter. It's completely fine.

  • I think Clem will go Ellie style and kiss a girl.

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