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Really impressed about episode 2 and you??

posted by Lover_of_walkingdead BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 494 users

If they do enough good work on this episode then its really going to be amazing ......i think this epiose is going to be long in duration about 2 hours and half.........i think kenny was not come in episode 2 because they say if you dont play 400 days dlc then you have to play it before continue the episode 2 because some one will come from 400 days ....but i think he will be kenny...Alt text clem was going to kill walker with hammer but luke does not look happy ...really impress to see screen shot because this was happen in game....they take 2 and half months to shape this episode 2 ..lets hope its going to be amazing ....i think its release on 18 feb .....

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