Interesting Fabletown based concept.

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After playing the awesome first episode of Wolf Among Us, a ridiculous and somewhat interesting idea came to mind. What if there was a Fables style story in which a modern day town is populated by popular disney characters disguised among the humans. Same characters but a darker back story and setting. Already I thought of having Mickey Mouse as the mayor, Simba as the Sherif, and Scar owning an antique store similar to Rumplestilksen in Once Upon a Time. First of all, would this be an interesting idea? Second, what characters and back stories could you think for this twisted Disneyland?


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    Didn't they already do this with "Once Upon A Time?" At least to some extent?

    Edit: .....And, I just read that in your post. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! ...He's drunk. -__-

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