did anyone else notice how the wolf amoung us's episode 3 picture slide has changed?

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at first it was a woman cop behind a wall and bigby looking back, now its bigby chasing a car.

did anyone else notice? im playing on xbox 360 btw.


  • Yeah, people have noticed in the past.

    I'm interested into how much they changed the plot, assuming they did.

  • ya me too, i was thinking that the police woman would think bigby is the killer but then somehow she dies and then bigby is somehow blamed for it, thats just my prediction though.

  • I was thinking/hoping it would involve the Woodlands coming under scrutiny from the Mundy Police.

  • Do you know if Telltale changed who the killer is?

  • I do not. I am only a community volunteer and do not get advance info. I know as much as you all do.

  • Wasn't the female cop in the old EP3 slide detective Brannigan? they look similar and have the same hairstyle. I'm guessing they tweaked the story a bit and when she was interviewing Bigby she wrote something down that Bigby didn't take, maybe she'll return at a later episode.
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  • What was the original picture?

  • If she was not part of the original script, I'm glad she is now.
    that's the nice thing about episodic games.

    Bigb will be showing how normal he is to her. :)

  • Hmm, not sure, but I seem to remember some youtube playthrough of ep 1 flicked past the slides (which would include the old one). Pewdiepie, Cry, RadBrad, I forget if it was one of them, but I'd check there if you're interested.

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    The picture shown above was the original one, before it was changed to a generic 'Bigby chases a car' image.

    I too am curious about what changed in Ep2, but I suspect we won't find that out (if we do at all) until the entire season is over. I hope we do though, I'd imagine it'd make for an interesting read.

  • Yes but what I notice is the eyes of the werewolf in the next episodes promo is differenf than the one in episode 5! That could be that someone is glamoured as bigby.

  • Maybe Bigb is the killer and the sheriff is the glamoured version

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