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Have there been any theories regarding Sarah and how she's "not like Clem" and other people?
Is it simply because she's been raised in a sheltered environment due to her father being overprotective or is it because of some underlying mental disorder? Some kind of low functioning PDD? With Carlos being a medical professional, both are possible - trying to protect his only daughter to such an extent that's more of a disadvantage in this world or diagnosing a mental disease (which of course would've happened even if he wasn't a medical person, but you get my point).

Throw your ideas at me, I'm curious.

Also I'm seeing an event coming up in which Clem has to save Sarah who's unable to help herself, which would finally open Carlos' eyes but it might just be too obvious to actually happen.

  • literally nobody cares

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  • She's a "special child", if you know what i mean. Like Duck, but the other kind of "special".

  • I think her father is being "over-protective". Da.dumm.tss

  • Carlos just made the same mistake, that Lee did almost. The diffrent between Lee and Carlos in this point is...Lee met Chuck. And Chuck had the balls to say, what he have to hear. You cant protect your family for 24 hours in such a world. You have to teach them how they protect themself. Even it is hard, but they had to learn it. Carlos have to deal, that the childhood of his special girl is fucked anyway. In the short way, it's liek Chuck says "If you treat her like a little girl, she will die like a little girl."

  • I'm beginning to think I have to save Sarah for Carlos' bad parenting. :P

    Not that I openly disagree with the man, for couple of reasons. First, I respect parents rights to raise their child, unless well-being of the child is threathened. Second, I want to make a good first impression with the group so that Clem would have easier time in adapting to the group and be less of a suspect.

    Carlos though... strikes me as a kind of guy who would still go blaming Clem even if she saved Sarah life.

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