• My best guess is that she put on the dress, they did their thing, she took it off, put the office attire back on and was going to leave, but was murdered before she was able to...


    Another possibility is that this wasn't the first time they'd met. They "used" the dress before, which is why it was tattered. So, Lily shows up in the room in her Snow business outfit (which she would have worn to blend into the mundane world). She proceeds to get the room ready like she has before, by sprinkling the flowers, etc. Then she gets killed before changing into the Snow White costume.

    • I'd say its the first, because she needs to be in dress for that Crane photo shoot of them together.

    • I always keep this theory in the back of head, for craps and giggles. Maybe Crane likes to be watched (Who would crane trust enough to do this with?), and his spectator decided to take a little memento of their own to use against Crane. Now, how does that explain Lily's death? Simple. Crane's hand is up her dress. Sure, no biggy. Higher, and higher it goes... until it feels something strange, or Crane sees something disturbing; Track Marks (As we see on Lily's body, when she's on the table). Crane now knows that this isn't his regular girl, and goes berserk. He, or his onlooker, swoops in and kills Lily, out of rage/out of Crane's rage. This might explain the dress's tears. The hand prints make it look like there might have been a struggle, more so with the one at the bottom (That looks like someone was on the floor, and using the bed to get up) and the one on the left (As you face it, standing) drug through the flower petals (Which looks like the same hand, by palm print, that Lily had the petals in). Someone grabbed for her, snagged the cleavage area, and pulled back (Or Lily pulled back), which resulted in the rip.

      What really gets me about the hotel room is the blood pattern. If you look at the floor, and my memory serves me, the blood trail leads toward the right, from the foot of the bed (left if you're standing up and facing the bed). What was over there, and why isn't there any blood? The closet was in that direction, as well as the storybook and desk. I'm also a weirded out how they were able to transport a body, headless or not, through the lobby without someone hearing or seeing them. Window, maybe? I dunno.

      • Maybe they had one of those mind wipe spells that Crane used at the police station. We already know they were using black market glamours. Who knows what other kinds of spells they can cook up? That would also explain why Beauty doesn't remember seeing Crane or anyone else Bigby asks about.

        • That thought tickled the back of my mind a few times, as well. I said it once, and I'll say it again (And again, and again), this is why I dislike "mysteries" with magic involved. Can't explain something? A wizard did it. Need a convenient explanation, or scapegoat? A wizard! Why does no one ever take a crap in the majority of games we play (Excluding Deadpool, and a few others)? Wizard, duh! xD

          If the plot of the story was really changed, due to the splash card for episode three being changed, then I'm a little surprised at that. Just hire a wizard to do your plots, TTG! :D <3

          • I think it works as long as magic has limitations with consistent rules as to how it works. And I think this has generally been the case with Fables. The Dresden Files is another good example. The key is that you can't just do whatever you want with magic. So just saying, "a wizard did it" isn't a good enough explanation. You still have to show how the wizard did it.

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