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Just a couple of thoughts. Perhaps when you're just initially being surprised with combat, that exact moment is not the best time to tell me that I've unlocked a new fable entry. I can check on that later. Don't bother me with that when Bluebeard is punching me in the face. Bigby wasn't distracted with your stupid fable entries from his perspective, so don't punish me with this useless information.

Also, it seems that some ways of unlocking achievements involve making those other decisions that you wouldn't typically have chosen (such as ripping off Grendel's arm). Do I really have to punch Beast again just to unlock a fable entry, and thereby get the achievement? I haven't tried it yet, and I'm not sure achievement hunting is really worth it. I'm sure many people will disagree with me, though, and that's alright.

Overall, it was a fun episode 2. Wish I could say it was worth the wait. Tell me that it will take six months for episode 3. It's a lot of work, and I get that. Just tell me the truth. Don't say that it will be out in two weeks and then piss around for six months. That's some wolf shit there.


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    Achievements literally achieve you nothing but an image in you gaming profile, so i don't know why are you making a criticism about that instead of the few other problems the episode had.

    Here's the coices that give the book of fables and eventually the achievements:

    Ripping off Grendel's arm: Bigby's revenge book of fables entry
    Leaving him: Bigby's mercy book of fables entry

    Unlock: Novice Librarian

    Force Tweedledee\Woodsman to talk: Ichabod's Cowardness (Something like that)
    Persuade them to talk: Bluebeard's mercy

    Unlock: Apretice Librarian

  • I think the reason people are unhappy about the achivements/BoF entires is that it's because the game FORCES you to replay certain sections to unlock them... and to do so in a manner that people may not want to.

    I, for example, really didn't want to rip Grendel's arm off since I'm trying to play Bigby as a nice guy, but because I wanted that BoF entry (it's interesting backstory), I had to replay the chapter to do so... and was downright horrified at how it was handled, leading me to immediately quit the game as soon as the entry unlocked in the hopes that my choice wasn't saved (which it thankfully wasn't).

    Forcing someone to do something they don't want to do for an achievement isn't nice. Challenge us, sure, but don't force us to play the game in a manner we really don't want to. It's not cool.

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    I agree. Instead of giving us achievements for making different decisions they should instead give us achievements for doing great at the fights/QTEs for example in Episode 1 if you manage to win the fight with the Woodsman and not miss a single QTE you should get a achievement for that same goes for the Grendel and Beast fights also the tweedledee chase scene.

    You should also get a achievement if you find all the clues and evidence at crime scenes for example when you find Faith's head in Episode 1 if you successfully found the blood trail, ripped fabric and the blood on the fence etc you should get an achievement for that. Same thing goes for Lawrence's apartment and room 207 at the end of episode 2.

  • To be fair, it seems to be relatively common now to make players replay parts of the game in order to get 100% of the achievements. Particularly in story-driven, single-player games. I didn't really think much of it, especially since there's nothing saying you have to get all of the achievements. They're optional. But if you do choose to pursue them all, having achievements that guide you toward the major decisions that you might want to try differently isn't the worst idea.

    Besides, they wouldn't exactly be "achievements" if you didn't have to work for them. Replaying a few minutes of TWAU to try a different choice is still a heck of a lot easier than at least half of the achievements in World of WarCraft.

  • But you don't have to work to get them all you are doing is replaying the game that's not really achievement worthy IMO.

    Now if you manage to win a QTE without messing up once or mange to complete an episode without ever dying or getting any kind of game over that i think is achievement worthy. Read my first comment to see what i mean.

  • I understand what you're saying, and those aren't bad suggestions. I'm just saying, it doesn't surprise me that a game like this would have achievements based on in-game decisions that might force you to replay at least some portion of it to get.

    Take Dragon Age: Origins as an example. They have achievements based on completing each race's origin story. They have achievements based on who your character decides to romance. They have achievements based on which potential allies you choose to side with. They have achievements based on how you defeat the archdemon. So if you want to get all of the achievements, you're going to have to replay several portions of the game at least. Probably multiple times.

    Now getting all of the achievements isn't necessary to completing or enjoying a game. It's optional. Extra. I don't know if there's any game I've played where I've gotten 100% of the achievements. So I don't see the argument that it's somehow unfair to have an achievement that requires players to replay parts of the game. Having 100% of the achievements to me seems to imply that the player has pretty much seen and done everything there is to see and do in this game. How can you claim that to be the case if they haven't played through all of the possible decisions in one playthrough or another in a game that's heavily based on character decisions?

  • Its funny because i only have 1 game where i have 100% of trophies (I'm on PS3) and that's Telltale's The Walking Dead.

    But i think that's a problem with achievements/trophies these days. You really only get achievements because you play the game alot where i think you should only get achievements because your good at the game this way more people may care more about achievements. Because usually when you see someone with ALOT of achievements you don't think "Wow he most be great at that game" instead you think "Wow he must have alot of spare time on his hands".

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