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    Telltale has no easy way out on this one, If he survives people are gonna be mad because they let Lee die yet gave us a chance to save Pete, If he dies those same people are gonna say your choices don't matter and its all bullshit, Their back is against the wall

    • Unless they made him bleed out

    • Amputation in TWD world is kinda random. You have to do it right otherwise you just bleed out. Lee's arm was cut quite badly too, it looks like they barely tied up his arm and cut it with probably a pretty dirty bonesaw and used no antibiotics or disinfectant.

      Pete probably has a better chance since he's seen it done before and work, he probably knows how to do it. Also Telltale said that this is supposed to be a really big choice a while ago and affects the rest of the season. I think that pretty much confirms Pete's survival and we haven't seen an amputated survivor yet that lives, that would be cool to see.

    • The difference being that Lee had no idea whether the amputation would work, so the immediate thought of amputation wasn't there. And like Serve said, amputation is random. In the comics, I think Rick hacks the limb of some one, and Hershel takes the hair of fellow member from the prison and uses it to stop the bleeding, but he still turns. (I think, it's been that long since I've read the comics). I think Pete said that he's seen it done before, and that it worked? I can't remember word for word, or who said it, but providing he does it real quick then I think he's got a chance. Sadly I didn't choose him, it was the first time I had no idea what option to chose. I regret it though, I mean, Pete defended and helped me. :(

      • Yeah Rick starts hacking a dude's leg off and Hershel notices and chastises him for not asking him for help. Because of that, the dude dies because they couldn't stop him from bleeding to death. The next time someone gets bitten, they bring him to Hershel and the dude lives.

  • Would be sweet if he does. Im thinking pete and clem are going to cut his leg off immediately. Unlike Lee's arm he will survive because he didn't wait a long period of time. Atleast it would be pretty sweet to know if we (CLEM) ever get bit on arm/leg we can cut it off fast and live!

  • Even if he does, he won't be able to move very far from the cabin with only one leg. Since the group is shown traveling away from the cabin in episode 2, I assume that he isn't going to last very long regardless of the amputation's success.

  • If he does live I'm not sure what he can really do. With only one leg i dunno. I am thinking maybe a twist where maybe Pete dies and you see walker Nick on your way back. But Nick survives if you save him

  • Pegleg Pete.
    Has a ring to it, no? The mental image is overwhelmingly badass, too. ...Yeah, I sure am hammering that in. Like Clementine hammering a walker. Zing.

    Anyway. We have to remember: we have a "medical professional" in the group, something that we did not have at the time of Lee's bite (RIP Katjaa). The thing is though that while I do not really trust Carlos's skills quite yet, he still is what he is, a doctor respected by the group. Depending on how things play out we might actually be able to get Pete both amputated and treated, and potentially, make Pegleg Pete a reality.

    Regarding Nick, I have been on about this in a couple of other threads myself. Maybe they do come across Nick's corpse when heading back towards the cabin or maybe certain circumstances cause Nick to die in the future ("Punishment" for saving Pete - for example, maybe Pete's presence in some scene indirectly causes Nick to be caught off guard by death, while on the other end of the spectrum if you let Pete die, Nick toughens up on his own and doesn't break his focus at that moment.). I just want them to resolve their family matters story arc before either one falls.

    Nevertheless, I really want to trust Telltale to not do the predictable... I guess we will see if they manage to surprise us.

    • A "medical professional" that can't tell the difference between the mouth of a human and the mouth of a dog. I would sooner let a meth addict amputate my leg.

      Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to keep this "professional" as far away from Pete's leg as possible. He would probably try to amputate Pete's arm because he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Pete's limbs.

      • Plot-conveniently incompetent or not, he still is a medic. We have to take that to account. He may have not impressed us with his identifying skills, but if he really was that incompetent all around, the group would not have trusted his bite judgement in the first place. He did fix Clementine's bite wound eventually, did he not?

        • He didn't perform surgery on her arm, he stitched it. Hell, I have stitched myself/others and I am far from a professional. As others have said, he could easily be a novice with minor experience pretending to be a professional to appear more useful in the eyes of the group.

          About the plot convenience thing, there seemed to be a lot of that surrounding the bite. I don't see how any human being with a working set of eyes could mistake what she had for a human bite (assuming that this human did not have a watermelon for a head).

  • I think if they amputate the leg quickly after they run of the walkers of the first episode, maybe he can survive.

    Ps. Sorry for my english =D

  • I very much doubt it since the option was there to leave him behind and go with Nick. Unless the game's storyline forks much more than usual I would think that means Pete's days are numbered.

    I took that option as I figured Clem would know that since Pete was bitten there's nothing she can do for him. There was a nice look between the two of them when she spotted the bite that I read as "I'm screwed", "Yeah, I know, sorry".

  • I think so.. Cuz Hershel in TV Walking dead had survived by cutting his leg.

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