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It's always been on my mind whether a baby could actually turn into a walker while still in the womb, if it dies for example. I know it sounds crazy, and I haven't read anything like that in the comics, or seen it in the TV series either. Though I know Lori in the TV series worries of it happening. Again, I know it sounds crazy, but imagine the scenario where Rebecca is in labour, and she begins to scream in agony because she feels as though something is going wrong. And you have the choice of actually performing an emergency cesarean? I know, I know, baby's don't have actual teeth at that stage, but it could still be in a frenzy? Anyhow, just a strange theory.


  • Yeah, I've wondered about that same thing myself. Not sure how deadly it would be, but that can't be comfortable. :/

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    Nothing crazy about it and assuming the cabin group is aware that "everyone is infected" I imagine that's something that weighs on Rebecca's mind constantly. But the baby doesn't need teeth or even to become a walker to cause Rebecca agony. The body's attempt to purge the miscarriage will be painful on it's own and at her stage of pregnancy she would definitely need proper medical treatment to deal with it. Having some undead thing on the inside fighting to get out won't help matters.

  • Chances are that Rebecca would die soon after the unborn child did, through the umbilical connection. Then again, maybe not, seeing as Christa survived. Interesting (and horrific) to consider anyway.

  • Seems a bit too morbid even for the walking dead. Even the comic didnt show the babies death to graphically

  • They did it in the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

    Actually, bad example. I just wound up laughing my arse off at that scene when the baby made a generic pig squeal noise.

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    Deliverance: Squeal Like A Pig! WEEEEE!

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    It probably would turn,however I don't believe it would be that dangerous.

  • In the Dawn of the Dead Remake there actually was a infected pregnant Woman which gave Birth to a Zombie Baby. It isn't out of Option. Though it was a completely different Universe. But.. just saying.

  • Well if it were, I think I'd have a reason to kill Rebecca by then.

    In all seriousness, I think the baby can't really do any harm unless its rotting flesh infects Rebecca with other diseases. It wouldn't be able to bite Rebecca because it has no teeth (just like you said) Or rather it just comes out of Rebecca as dead rotting fetus.

  • I remember that movie... it was terrible.

  • I think the baby wouldn't even rot because it's in Rebecca uterus... it would be pretty much harmless in my opinion...

  • If it was reanimating then it might have...just my opinion.

  • I don't think that a baby in the womb can come back as a walker until it's actually born, unless the infection passes down from Rebecca to the baby.

    If it isn't hereditary, the baby wouldn't reanimate until it made contact with air, as the virus is airborne.

  • But you need bacteria to rot (and the uterus is protected from this, specially with a baby in it), not to mention Rebecca would probably go into labour if she had a natural abortion (and then we'd see the walker baby). I don't know, I don't think I've ever heard of a baby rotting inside her mother even after it died. I may be wrong, but it just doesn't sound right.

  • I think if the baby was stillborn in Rebecca, things would get fucked up.

  • Ya... a walker baby could make things very... wrong. "The baby is hungry... the baby needs to eat." whack

  • It doesn't have teeth or claws to really cause any major harm, and a baby's muscles aren't exactly the strongest things in the world. It would suck, probably hurt a bit more, and cause toooons of emotional damage, but fuck Rebecca anyway.

  • As quoted by @Rusted_Lurker:

    They did it in the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

    Actually, bad example. I just wound up laughing my arse off at that scene when the baby made a generic pig squeal noise.

  • Well, not to beat an undead horse here, but I don't actually think that the baby would be infected like the previous poster mentioned the virus is airborne and isn't transferred through bodily fluids. Also AIDS research has been released that has shown situations where the infected mother doesn't transfer the virus to her fetus. But I'm not a microbiologist so don't quote me on that.

  • Err nope. It still is the best Zombie Movie of the early 2000's and a nice Remake to the Old Masterpiece.

    Also one Dude in there was pretty much a Kenny/Nate Type and all in all the coolest. Soo.. extra Points for that ;)

  • I write dark fantasy novels, and having the death of a baby is a great tool for bringing emotions from characters that haven't been explored just yet. It is grim, but this is The Walking Dead. There is no room for pretty flowers, I guess. :(

  • But the baby wouldnt even have teeth right? So it wouldnt hurt

  • One thing Rebecca is going to die before birth Telltale won't let us do an actual procedure. Come on now how will it work showing Rebecca's virgina and the baby coming out?....

  • Its just stupid noway for a baby. But Kenny will bust in the jail with his truck and save clementine

  • People, there is no way Rebecca is passing that baby (dead or alive) through her vagina without pain; she's too far along.

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    They could by just changing camera angle and make Rebecca put on a dress. It could be from her PoV if she has a dress on.

    If Rebecca died and the baby lived it would make the story interesting if clem had to take care of it.

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