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Your favourite scene in each episode.

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I've noticed I've replayed certain scenes in all of the episodes simply because I thought they were just too awesome and done excellently. Now I want to know what your favourite scenes are! (ONLY ONE PER EPISODE). Here are mine from each episode of The Walking Dead, including Season 2:

  • A New Day: Meeting Lilly's group at the drugstore
  • Starved For Help: The Meet Locker
  • Long Road Ahead: Taking Care Of Duck
  • Around Every Corner: Ben Confesses
  • No Time Left: Confronting the Stranger
  • 400 Days: Shel's Story (Deciding the scavengers fate)
  • All the Remains: Clementine talks to Carlos, Nick, Luke and Rebecca in the kitchen
  • A New Day: Walkers storming the drug store

    Starved For Help: The meat locker, runner up is fighting Andy and the scene afterwards

    A Long Road Ahead: Teaching Clem to shoot, runner up is convincing Kenny to stop the train

    Around Every Corner: Ben's confession, runner up is meeting Vernon's group

    No Time Left: The entire jewelry store sequence

    400 Days: Russel's story: Interacting with Nate

    All That Remains: Clementine's conversation in the kitchen with Luke, runner up is blackmailing Rebecca

  • the amount of feels when Clem sees her parents as walkers

  • A New Day: Lights flicker off at the motel right after the group leaders express hope.

    Starved For Help: "Did you lick it?"

    Long Road Ahead: Lee telling a personal story to Clem right after Carley/Doug is murdered (laughed the first time I heard the Mom one).
    Around Every Corner: Pull Ben up?/Let him go? I tend to choose to save him.

    No Time Left: Confronting the Stranger (yeah, me too).

    400 Days: Wyatt and Eddie joking and bickering around. Shel's story comes very close though.

    All That Remains: I just found out Sam lets you pet him without growling after you search the camp and play with him a bit. Small but sweet. (plus I wanted to pick something different than you did)

  • A New Day: Lee meeting Clementine.

    Starved For Help: The meat locker.

    Long Road Ahead: Teaching Clem how to shoot.

    Around Every Corner: When they went to Crawford.

    No Time Left: Lee hacking through the walkers to get to the hotel.

    400 Days: Wyatt and Eddie in the car.

    All That Remains: I know it was gross and hard to watch, but, Clem stitching herself up. That will stay with me a long time.

  • New day: Clearing the Walkers at the motel

    Starved for help- Brenda and Kat scene

    Long road ahead: RV Scene, It was just so tense

    Around every corner: Clems first kill

    No time left: The stranger fight

    400 days: Cornfield

    All that remains: Sam's betrayal

  • A New Day: Meeting Clem.

    Starved For Help: The Meat Locker.

    Long Road Ahead: Teaching Clem how to shoot.

    Around Every Corner: Lee get's bitten.

    No Time Left: Lee & Clem's last moment together.

    400 Days: Vince's Story.

    All That Remains: Clem stitching her arm up.

  • S1EP1 - Walkers breaking into the drugstore,the very end of the episode.

    S1EP2 - Also the very end of the episode,technically everything that happens after you escape the Barn. Episode endings are the best. :P

    S1EP3 - Lily's scene after you get out of the Motel in the RV,as well as shooting Carley. Practically that entire sequence. Also,I very much enjoy the sequence in which you meet Omid and Christa,as well as exploring the abandoned train station with Clementine,as it was the first time Clem and Lee actually fully work together to accomplish something. What can I say,EP3 was that good. :P

    S1EP4 - Absolutely the scene in which you fight back to the top of the bell,after opening the doors and attracting the walkers (also,including the Ben-choice). That was one hell of a masterpiece.

    S1EP5 - The scene in which Kenny dies,as well as the conversation in the attic between Christa,Omid,Lee and Kenny. Very well written.

    S2EP1 - None.

  • Ep 1, S1- Everything after the pharmacy's alarm went off was pure EPIC. Some of the best writing ever incorporated into a video game.

    Ep 2, S1- When you sneak around the house in search of Mark and find one of the most disturbing scenes possible... that and Kenny calling Lee an urban.

    Ep 3, S1- When Ben spots the massive herd while the train tanker is getting cut. This and Lee teaching Clementine how to shoot a gun.

    Ep 4, S1- When the group breaks out of Crawford as dawn breaks. That whole part was spectacular writing, but the highlight of that would have had to have been when Lee either saves Ben or lets him go. The ultimate climax.

    Ep 5, s1- When Lee realizes that love is when you put someone else's life before your own and braves Savannah's herds to find Clem, the one reason he has left to keep living. This and also the group's final stand as they defend the mansion.

    400 Days- Everything about Russell's story and Wyatt's story, due to the presence of Nate. Made me realize that I need a psychologically unstable friend when the next apocalypse comes around.

    Ep 1, S2- Getting ambushed by the bandits was a pretty great scene, but was on-par with exploring the house and getting to know the survivors, most of which I found to be pretty good.

    And that is all :)

  • S1 Ep1: Defending Duck at the Drugstore.

    S1 Ep2: Deciding who you give to food to.

    S1 Ep3: Getting Kenny to stop the train.

    S1 Ep4: Kenny's Bro speech.

    S1 Ep5: Lee's last Stand! Fighting his way though the zombie horde.

    400 Days: Every scene including Nate in it!

    S2 Ep1: The scene where Clem tells Luke about Lee.

    S2 Ep2: The moment when Kenny returns!!!

    • S1 Ep1: Saving doug.

    • S1 Ep2: The entire bloody episode, pure perfection.

    • S1 Ep3: Stop on the road.

    • S1 Ep4: The belltower decision.

    • S1 Ep5: The ending in the jewerly store. Runner up is kennys "supposed" death.

    • 400 days: The roadside part in russels episode.

    • S2 Ep1: The talk with luke.

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