• On a side note, you'll forgive me if this sounds like rambling. Mainly because it is, and I'm exhausted. :P You guys are smart, you'll piece it together. Seems like characters we run across, in TWAU, are playing a little bit "stupid." xD

  • Also, if you listen carefully, you'll notice that she also mentions the killer decapitating his victims. Now how did she know that, hmm?

    • I actually take any information about the murders, especially verbal details, with a grain of salt. We don't know how quickly the information of Faith's death was spread around. When Bigby talked to Jack about Lily's death, he already knew about it. Even Georgie knew about Lily's death before Bigby told him, or so it's implied. Beauty could have already known by word of mouth, from someone else. That, or Faith's death information could have spread around already.

    • When does she say this I forgot

      • Someone could have told her
  • Theres one line that Beauty states that always irked me: "you're a better detective than i thought you'd be."

    • She says that when you give visual comparisons. The dress in the book the same as in the closet. The apple from the book with the apple from the floor. The glass coffin with the style of the bed.

      To the original topic. Beauty knows Snow White's story but doesn't know the mundy version. Beauty would know about the apple and the deep sleep, but wouldn't know about the glass coffin because in reality Snow wasn't in a glass coffin.

      • Yeah, that line felt like one of those, "Hey! You guessed right! Here, have a victory dialogue to make you feel special" things. I just think her tone of voice makes it sound weird. Also, it could imply that she thinks that Bigby is an idiot when it comes to being sheriff, and she was genuinely, or sarcastically, surprised. Who knows.

        Hey, thanks for sharing that information about the Snow's background. It cleared a few things up, but that still doesn't mean Beauty is off the list. Just her locations, alone, still have her pegged as a possible candidate for the camera person. :P

  • Beauty ain't shit.Alt text

  • If she's involved she's an amazing lier. Her reactions about the bloody bed where obiously pretty scared, i mean she couldn't even look at it, and actually agreeing with bigby's theory about the murder isn't something she should do if she is involved in it. Also, if you talk to her during the crime scene and ask her if she's hiding something her answers are pretty legit in my opinion.

    • She seemed like an emotional roller coaster to me, during that little encounter. Especially when Bigby asked her about anything she might be hiding. Concerned to angry and defensive in 1.5 seconds, flat. That's not unheard of, but usually a person in shock, or experiencing trauma, won't jump around so much, so conveniently. She seemed shocked at the bed, the first time, but seemed comfortable enough to look at it, or in it's general direction, numerous times after that, though.

      As for her being a good liar? I dunno. Has she lied? I don't think she has, technically. She might even be telling the truth about Bigby's accusation about her, too. Maybe. Technically. Who knows. I will say that she's a pretty decent actor, though. But, she exaggerates a little bit, now and again. I give her three, out of five, stars. :P

  • Also how can we be sure that Beauty wasn't faking room 207 being unopenable?

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