A few unanswered questions besides the whodunnit...

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I think we still do not have enough information to find out who murdered the women. But what about a few of the other unanswered questions?

  • What was the fight between faith and woody really about?
  • How, when and why did toad get the donkeyskin? And if the living donkey could make gold from nothing, might the donkeyskin have some powers as well?
  • Why do not only the prostitues wearing the ribbons but even the magic mirror seem to be bound by the "my lips are sealed" spell?
  • What did faith steal from the tweedles´s employer? If she stole something, where is it now?
  • Why is beauty so afraid of beast finding out about her job, if she´s simply working as a hotel manager? Why does she stay in the hotel room during your examination and congratulate you on all your much too obvious conclusions?
  • Why was Ichabod surprised that the glamour-snow was a troll? Who did he expect and, if he expeceted another girl, did the girls simply switch customers without telling anyone or was someone in on that exchange?
  • Why does the little mermaid aid you so readily, even if you´re unable to pay and even if you did nothing to aid her at georgie´s? This seems especially suspicious if you remember that her aid leads you straight to the scene that´s probably been staged to imply crane as the murderer?
  • Why was the dead girl killed while reenacting snow´s near-death but NOT wearing the clothes for that scene - and yet still wearing snow´s clothes? And if snow´s death from the fairy-tale-book was reenacted, why did the prostitue have to use snow´s real-life-perfume?
  • Why were the heads placed in that specific location?


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    • What was the fight between Faith and Woody really about?

    From what has been said, it seems as though Lily was Woody's call girl for quite sometime. That specific night, Faith covered Lily's shift, which was Woody, apparently. Lily was supposedly known for giving Woody "freebies" when he couldn't pay. Faith never spoke to Lily, so she didn't give Woody his "freebie," which angered him and caused the scene that Bigby wandered into. Or so it's been said.

    • The prostitutes, the ribbon, the spell and the mirror?

    That's a good one. Because of the mirror, I find the the ribbon theory a little flawed (In all actuality, it could be the almost anything at this point. All the girls smoked, presumably, if the cigarette in the hotel was Lily's, so it could be cigarettes. They all used make-up at the club, it could have been that. I have a sneaking suspicion that the lipstick might have something to do with it. Who knows). We have yet to take a good look at the mirror. Maybe we will in the next episode. If it has a ribbon tied around it, somewhere, I'm going to be ticked. Lol

    • Beastie! Y U NO like independant women?

    It's implied that Beast is overprotective of Beauty (And sorely insecure, apparently). He probably just worries that she'll end up getting hurt, or whatever. When he found out that she worked at the hotel, he instantly jumped the gun and thought she was a hooker. That's probably why she didn't want him to find out. That, or like in one of my other theories, she's involved somehow and didn't want Beast to find out. In either case, I think the better question would be, "How did Beast find her at the hotel, to begin with?"

    • Why does Beauty stay in the room with Bigby, while he conducts his investigation?

    It's implied that she went up there with him so he couldn't draw any attention to them, by snooping around unescorted. She does mention that when she's speaking with him, before they go upstairs. However, it might be because, like I stated, she has some involvement with the case itself. If she does, then she wouldn't want Bigby to stumble upon something that might pin her to the suspects. That one is a little unanswerable, at the moment, until we're allowed to gather a little more information.

    • Why did crane go, "Ew! Troll AIDS!" and throw up in his mouth a little bit?

    That! That's actually a good question. I have several theories about this one, and they leave it open, just enough, to make them all make sense. Crane's in the appointment book, found at the Pudding and Pie (Mr. Smith, we assume). That means he had to know that the Snow he was with wasn't the real Snow White. However, due to the glamour, he probably didn't know who it was at all. Maybe he had a regular call girl (Faith, perhaps?) that acted out that Fantasy with him. He probably didn't know she was a troll until the glamour wore off. Georgie did mention that he doesn't keep track of what happens outside of the club (Though, the appointment book would say otherwise), but if he really doesn't, then the girls are free to do whatever they please within regards to the clients. Supposedly. Again, this is another one that we have too little information about.

    • Nerissa! Y U Love me long time?

    That's another good question. I found that a little odd, too, especially since she was eavesdropping on your conversation. When Bigby asks why she was working there, her response of, "Where else would I be?" also didn't sit right with me. Every other girl seemed to have a reason to work at the Pudding and Pie. We don't know Nerissa's reason, yet. Maybe she's working with someone to uncover the truth about the club (Shady things do seem to be happening there). That, or maybe she figures that Bigby might be able to help her out. Or... it was just lazy writing to give us an excuse to saunter over to the Open Arms. Who knows.

    • Damn, Lily. Who's your dry-cleaner?

    Snow's dress is really baffling me a little. The only conclusion that I come up with is that from the time that dress was first used, to the time of that picture with Crane in it, it wasn't ripped (or it was replaced). Sometime after, however, it was, and somehow it wasn't bloody. That implies that it was removed before Lily was murdered. However (And I don't know if this was because of bad lighting, or what), I noticed that when we observed Lily's body in Snow's office wear... it didn't seem like that had any blood on it, either. I don't care if someone dumps you in the river. Unless your clothes are made of rubber, or plastic, no matter the amount of saturation or soaking, there's going to be a noticeable stain on the fabric. I didn't see that on Lily's Snow's work outfit (Especially around the neck). Correct me if I'm wrong, please. I have really weird eyes. So... was she naked when she was killed, dragged away, cleaned up, dressed... then had her blood dripping head dumped off at the Woodlands? This is one question I really want answered, too.

    • Snow? Why you smell so good for a decomposing corpse, yo?

    It's implied that Snow wore this perfume. I think this is one piece of evidence that's supposed to point you toward Crane (Like the bottle of wine in the hotel room. It looks like the same type Crane had for his "massage" date). Snow wore that perfume, and one would think that Crane would want her to smell the same as he remembered her to complete the illusion. It's unclear as to how important this detail is in the case, but that would be the general gist of it.

    • Honey! Those darn kids stole the head doormat again!

    It's implied that the heads were meant to be found, perhaps as a warning to Bigby or Snow. Maybe even a clue, if Hans or Nerissa had something to do with the placement (I don't think they're bad people, but since they might not be able to talk directly, the heads would be used as a sort of communication. Faith's ribbon and ring in her mouth, for example. The ring was used to identify her, and the ribbon was used to place her). If that's the case, then someone wanted Bigby to find them. That's one of those other questions that need a little information before being answered.

    Sorry I couldn't give a little more information. My episode one and Toad information is a little rusty. I'm sure someone else can cover that for you. And by all means, if my information is off, feel free to correct me (Outside of things that are purely speculation, of course).

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