• According to Robert Kirkman a walker's mouth is so unsanitary that it transmits all sorts of viruses and diseases through it's bite. So unless you amputate in the first hour or so all those diseases and viruses make you extremely sick and that's how you die.

    • This is the canon explanation but it kind of bugs me. I mean, if the bite gives you just virus and bacteria then, wouldn't it technically be treatable? Isn't there a chance that you can survive a bite just with your immune system? Of course, I think the answer is pretty much "Screw it, it's fiction" XD.

  • That's a very good question and i don't know the answer to be honest. I just assume that every persons immune systhem can resist the virus(or whatever it is) to some extend. And when a Walker bites you the infection just get's to big to deal with it anymore.

  • Personal taught virus goes into your bloodstream so within seconds your infected so amputation would never work from watching show just takes over the stem of the brain so resort back to animal instinct looking just for food and to multiple like a virus. Technically bite which pierces the skin would infect you also from s1 or s2 of tv show think mention when using zombies guts to protect themselves to not let it touch their skin. In conclusion hope in episode 2 get to use a flame thrower.

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