• It's walking dead, what were you expecting?

    (Although, I did think the ending wasn't wrapped up too well, felt kind of sudden, and not in a good way.)

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    Mrwalto69 BANNED

    You can't exactly judge it when only 1/5 episodes have been released.
    Both intro episodes were introducing the story and the characters. Both did that. Episode 1 you had to find a save place, The motor inn or the drugstore was it. Season 2, Clem needed help and a save place, she got the cabin with the new characters, well not exactly but still found a place.
    Unlike Season 1 episode 2's trailer, Season 2's doesn't give that much away. In S1, You got to see them hungry, going to a dairy, getting shot by arrows, conflicts between characters, and a person getting their leg cut off. In season 2, there is not much given away except things like some carver guy and the mysterious person who Clem thought was dead so it's really keeping it all secret.
    Just wait till the episodes are out. I believe Season 1 is better at the moment judging by episodes but Season 2 could produce things better then Season 1. It's like someone who wasn't satisfied playing the first episode of Season 1 and then think the rest will be flat and look how it turned out.

  • Excused good sir anyway agree didn't feel like solid start and felt unsatisfied at the conclusion also very short and think fans waited 4 months for it wanted to look around and talk to everyone but every scene seemed rushed and linear forcing you to follow fastest path to success. Omid kill was to rushed wish waited till end of episode and let all the action start and set the foundation at the start with dialogue with characters talking about memories of lee and kenny etc show the pain the previous experienced caused them. Sam the dog play freebie for twenty seconds then kill him what was that?

  • S1 was made by Sean Vanaman, S2 is not...

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