Holly's sister missing?

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In Episode 1 Grendel and Holly mention that Holly's sister Lily had been missing for "weeks" but in Episode 2 after you tell Holly about Lily being dead and glamored as Snow, she immediately tells you where Lily worked. She gives details about Georgie and how she was under his thumb.

It's suspicious to me that Holly knew where she worked and never found her. Seriously? Lily had to show up to the Pudding and Pie eventually. How did Holly never find her?


  • She didnt know where she was because Lily was masquerading around as Snow? Maybe?

  • The only logical explanation I can give is that Holly didn't know about Lily working there, and merely guessed. How she was in debt might just be a common story that circulates around the Pudding and Pie. You know, like those rumors you hear about where to get the best cocaine, even though you never use the stuff.

    I will admit, though, that I find it rather hard to believe that no one knew about her work (Unless mind altering magic was used, in mass quantities. Hell, maybe someone periodically casts a city wide spell, from time time, just to keep everything in check). Even if Woody was trying to cover it up, as he might have held affections for her, I still kind of find that hard to fathom. Maybe Holly is the Origami Killer. Who knows. <3

  • I'm shaking this controller so hard right now, because I'm brushing my teeth. :D

  • I took Lily's disappearance as being when she was killed, not when she started working for Georgie. Holly knew where Lily worked, and she may well have gone there looking for her (although maybe not--she did say that they weren't really speaking to each other). But as we've seen, Georgie doesn't give out information about his girls and their clients. And the book showing where Lily had been was locked away in a hidden safe. Unlike Bigby, Holly can't just tear the place apart looking for information. So she probably went there asking about Lily, and Georgie had Hans throw her out.

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    I'm not sure if I can bite onto that hook, not fully at least. I haven't the foggiest on how a Fable's body works, but you'd think that after two weeks there would be some decomposition. They bleed, apparently, and even Lawrence looked like a pile of crap, despite how long he was alive. After two weeks I'd imagine that "Snow's" head wouldn't have blood all around it (It was pooled, wasn't it, all around her head when they found it?) Lily looked fresh, on the table. Well, fairly fresh. That kind of tells me that her murder was rather recent.

    More convincing would be the time line of the note Lily left for Faith. She had to have been alive, two days prior to where we are now. She traded clients with Faith, after all. Now, that logic stems from logic, and not the crutch of glamour and magic. If that's the case then... who the hell knows. xD

  • Well, as far as the note goes, we don't know when it was written. Lily and Faith could have made that arrangement well in advance. We know that Woody was a regular client. It could have been Lily knew she wasn't going to be available that day for some reason and asked Faith if she could cover for her. But yeah, the other stuff has definitely been confusing me about the timeline of events. Because, as you say, there's a lot to suggest that Lily's death was recent when they found the body. But then, Grendel says that she had been missing for weeks. So what happened to her between the time she went missing and the time her body was found? Was she being held somewhere against her will until the killer finally decided to off her? Was she just locked away in Room 207 the whole time? Was her "disappearance" really just that she was working at the Pudding & Pie the whole time and Holly and Grendel are just the worst detectives ever? Was this all just an oversight on the part of the writers, and there's no logical way to make sense of the timeline?

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    Well, if they made this agreement weeks/well in advance, I'm sure Lily would have told Faith about that little stipulation of hers. In the end, Faith got a royal whooping for it. It's implied that Lily gave "freebies" to Woody, and since Faith seemed concerned about the money he owed her, it's plausible to say that she had no idea of Lily and Woody's agreement on payments. I would think that Lily would have met up with Faith, sometime through that, and said something. Heck, she could have left her another note about it, at least. It's implied that the girls' agreement was reached on rather short notice, probably because "Crane" would have been a higher priority client (As for what priority, that's left to speculation).

    As for Holly, I kind of think when the glamour of Snow was mentioned, she kind of guessed. She might have known Lily needed money, and put two and two together. I mean, it's not that hard to make that sort of a guess, when you realize how and when your sister was discovered. I'm sure the Pudding and Pie club is well known for it's shady dealings, even to those that don't frequent it.

  • If you replay episode 1, he no longer says "weeks." He just says she's been missing.

  • It's in Episode 2. Grendel: "Where were you when we reported this weeks ago, huh?"

  • Aha, right! How could I forget that line? :)

    Does seem like they changed the line in ep. 1 and Jack says "a few days." Which is weird. Maybe Jack's clueless.... anyway. Could it be that Holly tried to ask but if she did she would have heard the "lips are sealed" bit like everyone else?

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