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Tell Tale lack of Communication Problem

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So, I'm playing this new trading card game still in beta. I look at their steam page. They made two announcements in a week. Why can't Tell Tale, give at least ONE update a month. Something like.

"Working on Ep2, seems to have glitched into a problem. Sending to [this name] t Iron it out. It's looking god so far. We may need a few weeks to iron out the wrinkles"

That's it. It's so simple. Even the lesser known, give more updates. They are not binned by law or contract from explaining some vague issues. The most common reply I hear "You want a good game or a rushed game?"

BS comparing since Wolf Among Us Ep2 had taken an extended leave and the entire Ep still sucked.

The Wolf among us was 4 months late to the party. The story progression actually sucked. I forgot most of what took place in Ep1, so it was hard for me to get into the theme of the game. Ep2 was just horrible.

I know mods don't like threads that don't praise tell tale in a ball of light, and delete and then ban users who dare speak out against the great Tell Tale. Screw it, if I can't have at least have a civil discussion about their flaws, and how to improve. Then I'll make one on reddit.

  • We don't need updates; lack of updates isn't a problem, its only being made into a problem. "Oh, we are working on Ep. 2!" well, how is that helpful? No shit they are working on episode 2, that's what they've been doing. So informative! If people can't wait a month or two for the next episode, there is a problem with this community. Don't get pissed because they don't share every other thing they do on Social Media. They give us screenshots, they give us trailers, what more do you really need that we aren't already given?

    • Gathering from a quick glance around, people are pleading for updates. There is another thread I just posted in complaining about the lack of communication. From lurking, if I remember correctly there was even a petition during the Wolf Among Us wait for Tell Tale to give updates. From lurking there is new thread every day about their radio silent problem.

      For you to say otherwise is misleading at best, and straight out lying at worst. They do have a serious lack of communication problem. I really don't know why your acting like you speak on behalf of everyone. I bet if we took a poll. Most people would want monthly updates, no matter how vague they might be.

      • Monthly updates wouldn't work; each episode releases 6-8 weeks, that's about 1.5, maybe 2 months. It makes it pretty much pointless.

        • I still think they should just say 'updates every 3 months' - so this way if it comes out in 2 months, everyone's all pleasantly thrilled. If it comes out in 3 months, everyone thinks 'they stuck to their schedule'

          Of course if it then takes 4 months, they're being incompetent again. Unless they say 'every 4 months.'

  • for me it depends how many days passed since the last episode , if it's less than 2 and an half months I don't expect to get an update but when its over that period of time cough TWAU" cough it's disrespectful to the customers not to give an update .

    • That's exactly the kind of updates, I'm talking about. Not during the first month. If it passes the vague 4-6 weeks. Like the Wolf Among Us took nearly 4 months before they said anything. Would giving us a monthly update, that takes five minutes to write by a PR person. [I thought that's what they were hired for] really be that bad? Of course not. People would love it.

      I don't know why some people are trying to disguise that updates are a bad thing because "They don't tell us anything new" they tell us the progress and current status. They tell us if we have months or weeks to wait. Not responding to anything we say on here, but re-tweeting every time someone praises the game.

      That just doesn't make sense. Doesn't this company pride itself on feedback from its fans. How d they know what the fans want, if they never talk to them.

      • what pissed me off about TWAU is that they gave us a date of when they'll give us an update which is just dumb .

      • This is the major criticisms of Telltale in that their communication is generally quite lacking. There has been three or four comments on twitter recently two of which were referencing playing the episode, which would to certain extent imply it can't be too far off. With the first episode of season two when they started releasing images the episode itself was released a week later. Certainly more tangible updates would be preffered rather than a vague statement such as just around the corner.

      • I can't blame them for not wanting to respond when fans are so often rude, demanding and disrespectful.

    • This i can agree with. When there's a significant delay like TWAU they should let us know. TWD seems like it's going to be release pretty soon so i'm fine with getting little in the way of updates until they've got something worthwhile to show us.

  • Also length 4 months for hour episode everyone agrees raw games are brilliant the only complaints are length and 4 month wait then mock us with this soon stuff. Seems as customer we should accept soon as reason for lack of product why can't they accept soon as form of payment till they deliver the service. Just a bit of honesty will solve the problem if i went into a game shop and purchased a game and shop keeper winked at me and said soon take my money back no thanks. Whether you like the wait or not have to agree when promised 4-6 weeks and waited 4 months to much

    • People don't seem to understand but GAMES GET DELAYED ! Sure they should have given us more information on why TWAU was taking so long but you know ? It happens.

      • Delays do happen, yes. And most people can and do accept that. But what shouldn't happen is a company waiting 4 months to tell it's fans that "Oh hey, yeah, that game you were all expecting to come out two months ago got delayed." I personally don't care about finding out why TWAU was delayed. What I do care about is finding out when it has been delayed so that we don't spend two months in the dark wondering what the hell's going on with the company. I'll gladly defend Telltale when I think fans are being unfair to them but when it came to TWAU, they fucked up. And we need to know that they acknowledge that they fucked up and will take the necessarily steps to ensure that similar fuck ups don't occur for subsequent releases.

  • While I'm totally fine with the length the episodes are taking to release, I'm not really all that fine with telltale's lack of communication, they really need to step it up. I still love em, but bad communication doesn't do anything good for the developers or the fans.

  • To my understanding their lack of communication is because of contractual issues. Ever since their popularity exploded, they started to release their games on different consoles: the big guys (specifically Microsoft, I take it) got in charge and began to push Telltale around and made them sign contracts that prohibit them from releasing any information unauthorized by them - if they do say anything more than the vague "soon"s we tend to see, they could potentially break the rules and get in trouble.

    They are so riddled with these kinds of contracts that they do not dare to take the risk of giving us information in the fear that the big companies suddenly judge that we know too much. It is a real pity.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I know mods don't like threads that don't praise tell tale in a ball of light, and delete and then ban users who dare speak out against the great Tell Tale.

    Hooray, more conspiracy theorists!

    We don't care if you "dare criticize" Telltale. The only threads we delete are threads made by alternate accounts of banned users, who deliberately make off topic posts in the wrong and/or popular forums that are meant to bait drama rather than have constructive criticism.

    Screw it, if I can't have at least have a civil discussion about their flaws, and how to improve. Then I'll make one on reddit.

    Please do, as long as it is a civil discussion. Again, we only mind if a thread is meant to bait drama rather than have critical discussion.

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