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what character do you want it to be? "I thought you were dead".

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I really want it to be christa

  • just wanna play the fu**** episode

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Get ready to hear the name "Kenny" a lot


  • There's a whole lot of threads just like this one, but I suppose this one is slightly differently worded. sorta.

    Kenny every day all the time, Although lilly is more realistic :/

  • Who I want it to be isn't the same as who I think it'll be. It will be Lilly.

  • Kenny or Lilly. Anyone else would surprise me.

  • Lilly. I like the ending of Kenny sacrificing himself. It will kinda ruin it for me if he comes back.

  • I don't want it to be Kenny. Not because I don't like him – he's awesome – but because I don't feel like cheap "he got out of it somehow" storylines belong in this game. Death is real and means something in TWD. I don't think TTG should – and I trust that they won't – sell out on that.

    Options I think would be logical:

    • Lilly would be interesting. There's no way I can forgive her for Carley so that would be some drama right there.
    • Christa I'd like to see come back because I want to know what happened with the baby and I would like some closure to her & Clem's relationship.
    • Molly maybe. Clem liked her & she's a survivor. I'm not sure she was important enough to get that reaction from Clem, though.
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    Kenny/Lee BANNED

    Kenny, hands down!
    He was a good guy, had a truly resilient spirit, wouldn't quit for anything.
    And he was willing to give his life to help others.
    Case and point, When Christa became trapped in that walker infested building and Lee and Omid were unable to reach her, Kenny jumped in to save her even though doing so would likely mean his own death.

    Kenny's good qualities, Tenacity, Bravery, Optimism, Warmth, Loyalty, and Compassion, are qualities ALL people can display, No matter what age, race or background, if they choose to.

    Some might argue that Kenny was a jerk during the final 2 episodes.
    What they fail to remember, or take into account, is that Kenny just lost wife and child all in one day.
    That's a traumatizing experience, which would shake anyone!
    So his grief and anger, especially towards Ben,( who inadvertently caused their deaths), are natural reactions.

    If Ben is saved in episode 4, even though Kenny is understandably furious with him, once Ben states that, unlike Kenny, he doesn't know what's become of his family, Kenny expresses genuine compassion for Ben, and how's he treated him.

    Kenny even took it a step further.
    When Ben fell from the mettle balcony, and became impaled on a piece of steel, Kenny is the first to rush down to the alleyway below and try to save him.
    When walkers started coming down the alleyway, instead of abandoning Ben to them, he stayed with him, fought them off as best he could, and then euthanized Ben so he wouldn't be eaten alive.

    Kenny proved that, despite his faults, he was a genuinely good man.
    So with that said, I truly hope it's Kenny who returns in season 2.

    I hope it's NOT Lilly.
    Lilly was selfish, all about her.
    Case and point, murdering Carly in cold blood, and then abandoning everyone for dead by stealing the RV, ( If you let her stay after she shoots Carly).
    Unfortunately, the qualities she displayed is behavior that is all to prevalent in the world of mankind today.

    Granted, Lilly to suffer a traumatic loss, with the death of her father.
    However, when she knowingly abandoned the others to die, who had children with them, see showed what kind of person she really was.

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