About Bluebeard...

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So I was watching the interrogation between Woody & Bigby in EP2 (not sure if this whole scene applies to Tweedledee or not, but probably so) and if you choose to play nice and not throw any punches, Bluebeard will step in and punch Woody in the gut. Before that though, he keeps stressing how Snow is/was "one of us" in a manner that seems he is attempting to justify brutality as a means to getting information out of the suspect, and right before he cracks down on Woody he says this line:

Alt text

..What is he referring to by "not one of them?" Is he talking about the Mundies? Or Fables like Woody with low influence?
I haven't read the Fables comic so I don't know much about his character, but that struck me as odd. He seems like the type to be arrogant and maybe even classist.


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