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Wolf amoung us - must be connected to telltale site?

posted by thedreamcatcher on - Viewed by 1.1K users

To play this game you seem have the telltale site open, I am getting a lot of can't connect to sever, even thro its not my first time playing it. some help please thanks.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    You need to be more specific if you want help, What are you playing on? For how long have you had this problem? What error message do you get?

    • Its on Telltale digital store. I've only just started playing it but I got two check points in, before I quit when I return it shows me the starting menu (opening screen) saying can't log in, can not connect to telltale service. It basically doesn't recognise me clicking the menu, it dose say click anywhere to begin then shows the "can't log in error".

      • It doesn't recognize you because the game cannot connect with the servers. the reason is probably that the servers are too crowded and they cannot keep up with the continuous requests. keep trying, you will eventually get through. I've been experiencing the same issue and after a while it works. if you suspect it is another problem then try look it up in the FAQs, or on Google (type "cannot connect with telltale servers"): there are some possible solutions listed.

        • Thanks, one more thing thro please correct me if I am wrong, if you download an episode the first time you play you have logged in to telltale website but you don't have too after the first time, it works normally from then on.

          If that's the case then there must be something wrong with the download no?

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