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I'm Excited For Episode 2 :)

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You know TT they may change the story up a bit. The I thought you were dead part may be at the end of the episode and pushed to the third just like they did with Wolf Among Us part 2.

Possible outcome of episode 2.

  • Begins after you save Pete or Nick. You will have to decide their fate
  • Next scene is at the house. Someone knocks at the door and the group is scared
  • Luke and the group agree's it's no longer safe to stay in the house
  • Disclaimer I'm making this based on the trailer and new pic they gave us
  • Luke tells the group to head to the mountain to be safe
  • Rebecca is getting pains from the baby and having trouble carrying on
  • Next before the mountains Clem and Luke go look for food, weapons, shelter, and medicine for the group as inferred by the pic.

Alt text

  • They are at the train tracks and Clem is about to kill a walker while Luke seems to be telling someone to stop. Luke possibly got his weapon from the shelter and the hunters are trying to kill them. Maybe the shelter is their's.
    Next scene Luke and Clem make it back to the group and tell them about the shelter. Before going back to the shelter Luke decides maybe the shelter isn't the best place to go sense they got attacked. He decides to go to the mountains where it could be much safer. Before going to the mountains the group is threatened by Carver's group. Maybe the shelter by the train tracks was their's. The group settles their business. Clem see's a mystery person she thought was dead.

  • Mystery person decides to help them out. They head to the mountains which seems to be a Ski lounge. Carver's men keep a look out for lurkers or hunters. As inferred on Episode 2 screen.

  • Rebecca is ready to have her baby and the group finds a place for her to deliver it. As inferred on episode 3 screen. Will we have a Lori situation? Episode 2 ends when Rebecca is in pain and ready to deliver the baby

  • Disclaimer I could be wrong about this but hey these are only thoughts. These are based on the trailer and screens for episode 2. You can post what you think will happen too.

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