Bugs a go-go?

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Not good. I've had randomly vanishing textures (Marzipan and Bubs' eyes, tiki torch flame) and now the trapped King Of Town section went like this:
- Set the trap
- Trapped the King (no enhanced creatures below)
- Finished the game
- Enhanced the creatures below
- Set the trap again
- King avoided it repeatedly (WITH leaf camouflage visible!) until:
- Finally talked to hole, King's clone calls up from below

Something tells me we'll be seeing patches.

To add insult to injury: I can't get the bonus. :(


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    I've noticed the missing texture glitch, although only with:
    * SBs eyes in the first part of the game, up until the first visit to Bubs
    * Marzipans eyes at the party, although its not 100% missing - the last texture of her blink animation is fine.

    As I'm running under Linux via WINE, I'd assumed this was a bug in the D3D wrapper instead of the game. (Edit: Okay, it seems the textures are being mapped for Marzipan, but the z-order is a little off and they are being clipped out)

    I haven't ran across a single glitch in the actual gameplay or logic, and I've played through three or four times.

    PS: Thank you for adding browser detection into the Launcher! No more ttarch hacking needed under WINE :)
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    one time when I was playing bubs was scwinting all the time and when he blinked his eyes dissapered.
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    Yup had that one.

    Also when reading emails if you right click to forward through the dialogue the subtitles come back on even though I switched them off in the settings.
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