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I Want My Money Back - Episode 2 (TWAU) is unplayable

posted by Blindsun on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users

I just paid 25 bucks for The Wolf Among Us.I downloaded episode 2 and it is UNPLAYABLE,the episode starts with a black screen and remains that way constantly,only audio is heard absolutely no video except for dialogue options.
Episode 1 ran smoothly without problems,episode 2 is unplayable,i paid for 5 episodes and if i'm getting black screens that render the game unplayable then i want my money back.

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  • I resolved the situation,though i'm still not clear on why it happened in the first place,for anyone else experiencing the same problem,I deleted the "Telltale Games" folder in "Application Support" folder,and downloaded the game again along with the in game episode 2 download.

    Both episode 1 and 2 are working fine now but it cost me my save game and now i'll have to play through episode 1 again.

    Why this had to happen in the first place is still beyond me,but it's working now and that's all that matters,needless to say if i hadn't found a fix for this i would be demanding a full refund.

    Definitely not a satisfying experience thus far.

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