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Rock, Paper, Shotgun NEW article on Ep2 Smoke and Mirrors

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First, let me say this is not flaming. I want a mature, civil discussion. I know some mods have been trigger happy with deleting threads that no not praise Tell Tale. This is an article written by a third party. I don't believe this thread is violating anything, simply by sharing that information.

Some interesting points. I always understood the fans were upset by the delay. Now the main stream gaming articles are starting to pick up on it. The entire thing is too long to post here. I bolded some interesting parts.

Preview of the Article:

Arriving some four months after October’s first installment of Telltale’s adventurish adaptation of fairy tales in the real world comic Fables, Smoke & Mirrors sees protagonist Bigby Wolf continue to investigate a series of murders. Given the cliffhanger ending of episode 2, you’ll forgive me if I’m plot-light in the below. I.e. no spoilers, but it does presume you’re fairly familiar with the game already.

Four months of waiting, for around 60-90 minutes of game (even less, if you’re a dialogue-skipping hurry-pants). Whatever the reason, it’s a big dent in Telltale’s recently-skyrocketed reputation, and one that makes it significantly harder to keep faith in the oft-broken promise of episodic gaming. I’m invested in Wolf Among Us’ story, some of its characters and especially its neon-brooding mood, but it’s only reviewer’s duty that keeps me from deciding to wait until the whole lot’s released rather than play episode by episode.

The wait was too long, for too little, though Smoke & Mirrors’ tone and characterisation does at least remind me why I cared in the first place. But its inevitable cliffhanger fails where the first episode’s succeeded, because this time around I feel like I’m being baited. (Also I’d already second-guessed it, but that’s because I make a habit of striving to do so rather than that it’s screamingly obvious. Never, ever watch a detective series in my company, I’ll drive you spare). It is so much harder to care, and no longer natural to feel that nagging need to know, when one is aware that answers may not be forthcoming for months and that you’re simply at the whims of someone’s misjudged schedule. If I want to pay another visit to the narrative Skinner box, there are any number of reliably monthly comics or weekly TV serials to turn my attention to instead. My point being that a schedule is coal to this kind of fiction’s engine, and not a matter of angry internet people acting over-entitled

Full Article Here:

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I know some mods have been trigger happy with deleting threads that no not praise Tell Tale.

    Nope. They do delete and will continue to delete messages and threads by people who have earned an eternal ban long, long, looooong ago and continously try to sneak back into the forum with account number six, seven or eight and still are too stupid to understand that it's absolutely only them who have no right to lead that discussion here. None at all.

    You can easily see how far users can go in their critique of Telltale here, naturally, by looking at other posts which do not get deleted, fusedmass.

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