• I loved episode 2, but I do love binary choices like choosing between Lawrence's or Toad's, arresting Dee or Woody. So, I agree with you on that. I guess I don't need one of those big choices in every single episode. I think they're best when they're unexpected. And I'm ok with them taking the time to work on the story and characters in ep. 2. But, I really hope we get at least a couple more before the series is over.

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    The thing with Episode 2 is there wasn't a choice who had a "Big Choice" feel to it unlike Ep. 1, You had to choose where to go,Who to arrest,Ripping Gren's arm or not, The choices in Ep. 2 were mch more linear and simple and didn't even feel like decisions just simple dialogue choices

  • ep 2 was more of a bridge ep but a good one

  • Actually, there was sort of a "choose where you go first" kind of thing in EP2. You could either choose to investigate the body first or talk to Toad and his son first. However, this doesn't really change anything except you apparently have the potential to skip talking to TJ altogether if you investigate the body first.

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