• It's worth noting that in the case of both fights, Bigby's not the one who starts it, and it could therefore be argued that he's just defending himself, which is why there's some leeway with his actions.

    The torture scene though... yeah, that was all on him, hence the negative response.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztTWRYUAHZU

    Non fables are put under a spell(Mundies) so government and people won't notice anything

    As for unnecessary over top scenes fables are fighting their superhuman going to be flying everywhere and smashing everything to even cause damage to each other woodsmen survived an axe to brain.

    The whole fun is unnecessary violence and over the top action for me

    • I know that. I've read a few issues of the comic.

      What I also know is that Bigby's and Snow's characters are much more mature and more developed in the comic than in TT's take. Snow's been "taking care of herself for centuries", yet acts in an incredibly naive manner. It takes her only a couple of decades to go from the "Really? A working girl is a prostitute? I wouldn't have thought of that! You sure do have the streetsmarts, Bigby!" thing to "Bigby, I'm going to mess you up really bad if you let me out of the loop in your case!".

      I just think that they should've gone with a more mature and more realistic take on things. There's plenty of "over the top action" stuff in the video games industry.


      • See your point and if read comics your knowledge is already better then mine especially in detective game could make lot depth and still be fun by finding clues or questioning suspects and decide if lieing or telling the truth(e.g L.A noire) but to late now i enjoy sillyness but would also enjoy a mature game but unfortunately companys try make games to suit all ages and personality's for max profit so if they don't get the mature story throw in few over top scenes and simple dialogue to keep them entertained

  • "Government" and "Irrational" go hand in hand, so I don't see where the surprise is coming from.

  • I'm berrating him for not affording his glamour at the start, but now I'm asking him to just forget the fact that I cost him money?

    I don't see the problem. To me, that sounds like par for the course as governments go.

    I have a feeling that playing a more hostile Bigby is something that might come back to haunt the player in a later episode. Though yes, Fabletown is a bit more "wild west" than a typical police department. That's pretty much the case in the comics too, so I don't think it's a matter of Telltale failing to capture the right tone. I think there are a few reasons for that. Fabletown isn't technically a real government that's officially recognized, and they don't have the same resources that a normal government body might have. It's pretty much just one guy who's in charge of keeping all of the fables in line. They don't have the facilities to jail people, so punishments are basically limited to community service or the Witching Well. A rogue fable is often much more dangerous than a mundy criminal too, so they may feel that the sheriff needs to have a wider latitude in dealing with them. Besides, I get the impression that a lot of the fables still hold on to a more medieval mindset when it comes to criminal punishment than the average modern American.

    For what it's worth, I did tell Holly to bill Crane for the damages after the fight with Grendel.

  • Who's going to pay for Holly's place?

    It's possible to tell Holy "send bill to Crane" so sherrif office will pay for everything (also the glass). About Gren - Crane was busy with the dead "Snow" and maybe even noone told him about what happened. I think it could be important later

  • Irrational government is irrational.This ain't a normal government,tho.Who knows?Maybe fables ARE into irrational shit.

  • Nobody's forcing you to make those decisions. In fact, if you do choose those actions, people get extremely pissed off with you. Also, don't forget, these are special circumstances - there haven't been murders of Fables for a long time.

  • I think it's important to realize that Fabletown is much more like the wild west than a functioning City. It's a glorified refugee camp for crying out loud. These creatures saw their worlds destroyed in awful ways and only made it here by enduring horror. They are only semi-united by their fear of being rediscovered by the adversary so keeping a lid on things sometimes means making your point the hard way. It's not moral or justified, but it's because they have bigger things to fear than a sheriff that maims the occasional reprobate.

  • Grendel is a monster from the Norse Beowulf legend, and Beowulf tore off his arms. That's supposed to be his monster form from the myth, and tearing the arm off is a nod to it as well.

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