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"Storage device disconected"

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I have the complete season 1 of the walking dead on my xbox 360 and it started crashing saying that the storage device was disconected every time it tried to load or save so i deleated it then installed it again yesterday and it seemed to work so i spent most of the day playing all the way through it till i finished ep4 to get a good enough save file to build the second season off of but i went to finish it off this morning it showed the message again so i pressed the X button in the middle of the controller to shut down the message and it set my game all the way back to episode 2, this isn't a bad game its probably the best game i have ever played but i'm getting board of having to play through it all the time, i have to get a compleated game file because i read somewhere it was because i had 2 allready full slots and i was on my third so the other 2 aren't there any more does anyone know what is happening to my game file or xbox

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. At this time, the only way to stop the storage device error is to delete your save data. Below are a couple different ways to do this:

    1) Delete the save data in save slots 2 & 3 from within The Walking Dead. (You may wish to back-up the data)

    2) If deleting the save data in the save slots does not resolve the issue, you will want to delete the save data from your storage device. (Go to your Settings on the dashboard, and click on Storage, then choose your storage device that you are saving on, select “games and apps”, then select “The Walking Dead.” In The Walking Dead scroll down and delete the Save Data. You may want to back-up this data just in case)

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