What Sort of game do you expect(Borderlands)

Know telltale make point and click games with incredible story's and gameplay with QTE and decisions

But do you think mix up the gameplay a bit because majority of borderlands fanbase they will attract will surely want more shooter gameplay can't wait to see what innovative gameplay telltale will try?

What think Telltale will do with the gameplay,story etc


  • Personally, I suspect it'll play very similarly to The Wolf Among Us, just with more jokes. And lights.

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    I would love it be the Telltale we all love and know but incorporate some of the First Person Shooter/RPG elements the borderslands fans come to know and love plus LOTS OF LOOOT

  • Considering there are two characters on the ad that haven't been in the games (as far as I know), hopefully we'll get to choose either of them for each playthrough. I'm not sure how they're going to incorporate the action of FPS's into it, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. Maybe the loot you get will have strong effects on how the story evolves?

  • Considering that They have said that it WONT be an FPS I wouldnt keep my hopes up for loot or RPG aspects although they did say there would be FPS SECTIONS but not the entire game

    I Love borderland's Universe and while the story was a little bit more coherent in BL2 it was not that great of a story as many boast it to be. As long as they keep Anthony burch the fuck away from the script im fine with how the humor comes out

  • I think it'll be the new TTG norm, just with more Jason Vorhees to kill than usual.

  • It'll definitely play a lot like The Wolf Among Us, but maybe with a few more shooting parts, like the one from The Walking Dead Season 1 when you get to go FPS temporarily, I really liked those parts but I wouldn't want a whole game based on that. I'm sure there will be moral choices like: Do you chose to kill the midget with the gun that shoots fire, or the gun that shoots electricity?

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