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Do you believe that Yuna Kim got silver medal?

posted by HasongLee on - Viewed by 295 users

It is just unacceptable. How could Russian won the first place! There must have had problems with judgement. It is UNACCEPTABLE! All the media around the world are in anger with Homeground-Benefit towards Russian skater. Yuna Kim did much much better than the Russian one.

  • I don't think that's a troll comment. I know many Koreans and they are pissed about the result and are letting everyone know it. I think the outrage is sincere.

    Anyway, the Russian had a more technically difficult program, so it doesn't seem hard to believe she would win. Though I agree the margin of victory was more than what one would have expected.

  • I just watched the whole thing. Yuna Kim was robbed. HasongLee is right. Kim's overall performance was way better than the Russian's and all the others'.

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