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Think we'll ever get a walking dead storyline with a setting placed in another country?

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In the walking dead Universe if there has been one thing Ive wondered the most, Its what's happening on the other side of the world. You would imagine it would be the same survival scenario but in some countries people might be worse off. Take Japan for instance and its very strict gun laws. Its really hard to get a gun permit in Japan so gun holders are very few and far in between, most guns being the kind used for recreational hunting with slow reload speeds. Unlike america where there's "a rifle behind every blade of grass" (Yamamoto). I have heard You can even have an automatic weapon in America within some of their states. They do have a military base but we've all seen how reliable the military has been in America during the Zombie outbreak. I can see a giant herd forming in Tokyo then migrating forming all kinds of hell where ever it goes.

What country would you like to see in a walking dead story line and what factors or difficulty would they face based on their setting?

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