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Wouldn't glamours make it completely impossible to find, arrest, or convict anyone in the Fable's world? Since they could always be someone else you could never prove it was them (and not another posing as them) and even if you could how would you find them since they could turn into anyone?

  • Good point the person you glamour would obviously needed to be kidnapped and hidden and say the fables close friends and relatives would notice difference but if knew someone was glamour how change them back is it only death or do you destroy the magic object?
    Another questions is police and bigby are not working together is there prison for fables as woodsman got away with beating a women etc found out there not just farm for fables who can't afford to glamour so there not convictions at all for fables

    Police and government would never know as their mundies

  • It appears to me that the only people who can acquire glamours that make them appear as other fables are those that are high ranking officials such as Crane who used one make "Snow." I would think that Glamours like that are almost impossible to come by because of that and thats why people don't walk around as other fables all the time, because those that can acquire them probably wouldn't use them with the exception of Crane.

  • Also, they were talking about the glamour used to make Lilly look like snow being a black market glamour, so it was made unofficially. It seems more like an exploitation rather than the actual purpose.

  • I feel like some people may be getting the wrong idea about how glamours are used in the Fables universe based on this one incident with Lily. I think it's interesting that the game is exploring some of the deeper implications of glamours existing, but they're not really intended to take the forms of other people. It's not like Fabletown is a whole community of shapeshifters. It's more a limited use kind of magic, just so that non-human fables can blend in. A fable gets a particular glamour that they use all the time, and that's it. For the most part, it's controlled by the witches on the Thirteenth Floor. Most regular fables don't have access to that kind of magic. And even if they did, glamours are supposed to be very expensive. Most fables can barely pay for their regular glamours, much less extra ones to mimic other people. So even with the introduction of this idea of a black market for magic, there are probably only a handful of fables who could afford it anyway. It's not like this is something that happens regularly. Hence Snow and Bigby's surprise.

    So yes, Lily was glamoured to look like Snow. But that shouldn't be taken to mean that every character in the game could potentially be someone else in disguise. I'm pretty sure that was just a one-time twist.

  • Agreed. But the preview to episode 3 showing Crane driving off, I noticed he had another glamour object. Similar to the one found on Lily with Snow's hair and picture. I'm guessing he may use it to avoid being caught...

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