The Enchanted Ribbon

Ok, so I have a reason to believe that the ribbon's everyone has been spotting lately (including myself) have been enchanted. The phrase "These lips are sealed." has also been the point of many observer's speculation. I will not be able to include a photograph, but if you were to luck closely at any of the prostitutes' ribbons, you would see a print of a pair of lips.

These two pieces of evidence are too similar to be unrelated. Has anyone ever heard the saying, "What happens in this house, stays in this house."? I would assume that the phrase given may give a meaning as to the prostitutes' famous phrase. I'd like to propose the idea that this famous ribbon is enchanted, and possibly the cause of Faith's untimely death. Narissa also utters the now famous phrase, "These lips are sealed." If a prostitute were to say anything about their place of work, they would suffer a fate similar to Faith's.

Please list your thoughts and comments below, thank you.


  • As far as I remember, The Magic Mirror also says that phrase. Does it have a ribbon on? Of course not. Not only ribbons are enchanted then if they are at all...

  • Yes he says that phrase because Bigby was asking him to show Faith. It is possible that the ribbon was also made to bloke the Magic Mirror. It would be good if in episode 3 we could ask the mirror to try and shows us one of the other girls working at that club to just to test this theory out.
    But we are not going to be able to ask the Mirror anything in episode 3 now thanks to Crane.

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