Paper Crane

As we all saw in Episode 2 of TWAU, Ichobod Crane is the presumed culprit of many. The term "Smoke and Mirrors" is commonly used to refer to things not always being as they appear. So by saying this, I ask that you not judge "Mr.Crane" too harshly (If we can even call him that...)

This brings us to my idea that the Ichobod we all know and love/hate may not be that Ichobod at all. For the sake of this discussion, I will call my invention of the Crane imposter Paper Crane. I suppose that Paper Crane may have glamored himself/herself to the appearance of Ichobod. This would explain the fact that in the trailer for Episode 2, we see "Crane" pull off with a glamor box in his back seat.

This is all the things I have to say about for now. Please comment down below, thank you.


  • I agree, That guy being someone glamoured as Ichabod is the way to go and thats probably what it is, But still , It would make Telltale look pretty lazy to use the Glamour as a way out for the first two cliffhangers of the game

  • Crane in the picture is real.

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