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Luke - Lee

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I don't like Luke. I know, most people love him as some downhome country bumpkin. But I don't like him. And I especially don't like the fact it seems like TTG is pushing his presence in the game on us as a Guardian figure, a white redneck version of Lee. Luke isn't a terrible character, but I don't like him much at all, and him being forced as a focal Guardian to Clementine would annoy me greatly. Plus, isn't Season 2 supposed to be about Clementine surviving on her own? Standing up strong to a cruel world thanks to Lee's help? And now we have Luke forcing his way in to Clementine's scenarios like the annoying party guest that arrives uninvited?

I don't know how things'll go in the next three episodes, but the screens for Ep2 are making me fear Luke is going to assume the role as guardian, and we can do nothing to stop him, basically making the entire idea of Season 2 pointless. Lee was apparently as replaceable as machine parts.

  • Yeah I see what you mean. But I think Luke may not have as much of a role as what we think he will. These are just screenshots for now. They don't tell the overall story of the episode. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • I don't think Luke will be a guardian role for Clem, i see him more like a big brother role which i think is a good thing. Clem needs someone like that, someone she can rely on and care about. (except Kenny ofc)

  • Yes I agree. I made a thread like this earlier. Youre exactly right Lee was killed off so there could even be a season 2 it wouldnt make sense to replace him with Luke as a caretaker

  • Seems a bit premature to start making assumptions about what his role is going to be based on a couple of screenshots showing him and Clem fighting together. Frankly, the whole group from S2E1 strikes me as much less friendly than the group from Season 1. So I don't know if I'd count Luke as a guardian figure unless by "guardian" you mean someone who's slightly less of a total jerk than everyone else around.

  • We've got a long way to go. Something tells me that Luke is going to be more complicated of a character than Lee, for better or for worse.

    I don't think Telltale will try the guardian for Clementine route so soon after Lee. It'd almost be disrespectful to the Lee character and to us as invested gamers. Luke will probably try to make some stupid decisions over the course of them game and we as Clementine will have the chance to speak up against him. At least, I hope that's how it goes.

  • He's not gonna be her guardian, if anything, from his rather naive personality [ "you don't kill dogs man!" ] , Clem's gonna be the more serious one capable of making the tough decisions.

    If anything, I'd wager a sister / big brother relashionship, where both recognize they're equally capable.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Telltale is not pushing him down our throats as some kind of Lee Wannabe They just couldn't make everyone we met a complete asshole, They had to make a character whom we could connect with and feel close to him, They didn't get rid of Lee just to come back with a white version Having friends is not illegal in the Zombie Apocalypse

    • Luke fills the void Lee left (as in having one uncompromisingly trustworthy friend) but as more of a brother sister kind of relationship. It's more equal or balanced than the Lee-Clementine relationship (where Lee was her protector and caretaker).

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Agreed, Not to mention Clementine doesn't need protection or someone watching over her all the time because she has developed into a survivor now, This is just the beginning of a friendship that could do wonders for both characters but lets not high five each other just yet, They could Kill Luke sooner than we think

  • LukeHatersForEverBro

    Not a luke fan. Alvins better anyway i mean Team juicebox!!

    • Oh pls. Come on. Everybody knew that Alvin will die. He is nice, sozial and fat. And I really mean: EVERYONE. Carlos knews, Rebecca knews, clem knews. Hell even Sarah knews it. His character is the stero-type of "get killed by a horrible way"

  • I don't hate him, I just don't like him as much as anyone here, so: agreeing with you 100%

  • Luke is a pussy and so is his group.

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