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Telltale's reputation

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I've been lurking these forums for a few months now. I usually check in here once a day or two, and I noticed how the threads/posts here have gotten more and more filled with anger towards the next release. I can understand people claiming about the bad PR, but even if they had given a release date a month ago for March, I think majority would still be unsatisfied with this.

With us knowing the next release is pretty soon, and before we beat the episode and go back to getting irritated at having to wait, I think we should give Telltale an amazing amount of props and gratitude for making this game that we all fell in love with. I rather wait a long time for a great game, than play a game thats shallow, and hollow. The people that made this series but care, and hard work into it. Lets show appreciation in a forum that is all about the game that holds importance to all of us.

P.S. I hope its Lilly that comes back =)

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    Antero BANNED

    Complaints aren't about the late release, they're about all the lies and misleading that started earlier this month.

    • I think this kinda thing happens when a game is not released in full, but do you really think that people starting threads about refunds, or posting a whole bunch of negativity makes the situation any better? We do not know why it took alil longer, maybe they did not think it would take this long, and were indeed shooting for an earlier date, but something got in the way of that.

      I mean look at the creator of Fez, people pestered and harrassed him about Fez 2, and for anyone thats seen the movie "Indie gaming" knows things can happen, and obstacles can arise. I feel its more of a priviledge that we are getting this gem of a game. Season 1 was excellent, and season 2 started off great, so for me, waiting alil longer is not the end of the world.

      It sucks waiting, but so far all their episodes have delivered, and Im not saying people dont have a right to bitch, and complain, but I think they should get alil more slack. The harrassing and negative threads have gotten more and more intense, all for a game we love. I think this cycle will start all over again a week after the next episode is released, and that to me is kinda a shame.

  • To be fair if nothing is said then people complain that nothing is said. When something is said people leap on it and tear it apart. and them call them liars

    • I'd really be most happy with realistic dates too far ahead than false promises of super soons and such. Not that I care that much, but generally when you "promise" something happening super soon, you get super angry when it doesn't happen. Like when teacher promises that you'll be getting off class earlier today and when it doesn't happen it really really sucks, the class feels to last twice as long.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    When people run out of things to talk about related to the game they start making threads about things that don't make sense at all which includes all these complaints, I don't know who told people bitching 24 hours a day was gonna solve anything, They take long sure but there is nothing we can do about it so complaining isn't a viable solution

    • Sorry to contradict you, but complaining is a viable solution. That's the trouble these days, people don't complain enough. That is exactly why company's treat their customers the way they do.
      If you don't complain when something is wrong, then more fool you. You sound like the type of person that goes into a restaurant, the food comes and it's disgusting. When the waiter comes round and asks if everything is alright, you're the one that says, yes everything is fine. Then spend the next few days in bed with food poisoning.
      I wouldn't feel bad though. Many, many people are the same. Whereas, if I think something is wrong I will complain and demand money back. Whether I get the money back or not is immaterial. Point is, they know im not prepared to put up with shoddy service and products.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Every single person who pays for the game has the right to complain, But I completely disagree with your points, If you think complaining 7 days a week solves anything we should probably have the game out by now, Shouldn't we ? Thats all people do complain and we are still waiting 3 months for the episodes to come out, Since you can't do anything about isn't it better to just enjoy the game and hope that besides the wait the game would be Awesome Which it is !

  • Yhea people the release is super duper soon now, stop voicing opinions I don't agree with.

  • Telltale's reputation is intact in my opinion. I don't mind the waiting. I expected 2 months and that's pretty close to what happened. Some people just like compaining. There's no need to make so much fucking drama over it.

  • im pretty grateful that it even came out (ep1) before christmas,everyone was thinking S2 would be coming much later on in 2014,so i cut Telltale a lot of slack,they listened to the fans(the majority) and made Clementine playable,i think they're a pretty decent company IMO

  • there not lying when they try and give somewhat of a release, i mean seriously imagine if you were in the shoes and you had a bunch of angry people complaining about whens this coming and whens that coming, it's not easy and when you guys shove it in there faces when they can't release it on time that doesn't make it easier.

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