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Hello Telltale.

I would like to request that a new trailer is crafted for episode 2 and placed at the end of episode 1.

Lots of the things shown in the current ep 2 'next time' trailer don't appear in any capacity (prince Laurence? Bigby transforming?).

As you can imagine, this rather sucks for replay value. So can you please try and make it more relevant? I'm sure you want your game to be as coherent as possible.

Furthermore, I'm sure you're aware that the 'can I get a fresh set of towels' achievement picture makes no sense. It would be nice if this could be fixed.

After a 4 month wait, over double the maximum wait told to us on this forum, it would be nice if you could make it up to us by fixing the coherence of the episode a little.

Thanks a lot.


  • You have my like and support.

  • Prince Lawrence doesn't appear anymore in the episode 2 preview if you finish episode 1 with him alive. So, I think you can already consider it altered (it has been since before episode 2's release, as I played it a day or two before). That said, I can't what, if any, other things have been changed. So, yes, maybe it does require changing a bit more.

    In any case, something I can get behind and understand, but I'm not sure it's needed.as we've played through the second episode, know what to expect, and there isn't much that changes.

  • I completely agree with this request, since it will make things A LOT more convenient and less confusing for those that are awaiting for all 5 episodes to come out on the disc. Especially the people that have no clue about the whole episode 2 fiasco! We will see if Telltale actually makes an effort for this, it'd be nice.

  • It would be a nice bonus if Telltale can do it while managing to deliver next episode max 2 months from ep2. If not I'd rather not have them losing time on such minor improvements.

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