• If he planned to be discovered all along, why would he smash the mirror?

    He's been framed, though I reckon it's obvious he is guilty of hiring Lily to look like Snow and such. It's even possible he's had a hand in the murders, but there's a lot more to come, so no . . . I don't think it's a silly ending. So, even if he has had a hand in the murders, there's someone else involved that wanted Crane caught for whatever reason.

  • Finding his picture in room is to unrealistic someone was obviously spying on him and planted the body and the picture whole crime scene seems made up and plotted

  • Perhaps. The game really seemed to imply he was guilty of the troll murder, seeing how he smashed the mirror and looked oh-so-guilty with his shadowed face. But I thought... if that is the reveal, shame on you Telltale! Note, killing the troll doesn't imply killing Faith, it could be two different killers, but seriously, could anyone be as stupid as to leave all the evidence lying around in such obvious fashion? The last part of episode 2 seemed like a bad detective novel, with a galore of obvious and unimaginative clues just flaring all around the room; the only thing missing was a matchbox with the name of a sordid bar where the hard boiled detective must later investigate.

    • Felt same want big fable to be killer be good final boss fight. Crane weak little stick who's not intimidating so once get to him just be boring rather like Bane v Batman(Dark knight rises) the killer to be smarter,stronger and bigger then bigby so have use all your wit and cunning to find and defeat him might just be me though

    • Game didn't at all imply he's guilty if you ask me. He was clearly framed (why else would be there pictures of him and troll left in the room?). That alone would make him angry. Not to mention that people found out that he was paying prostitute glamoured as his coworker.

  • The ending wasn't really that bad tbh. I mean, Crane could be framed (Heh, that rhymed). The genius that is Wolf Among Us is that anyone could be the culprit. Could be Woodman, The Tweedle Bros, or hell... even Snow. It keeps throwing us left & right constantly with its unpredictability that keeps us wanting to continue playing; to know who the serial killer is (Which is the case for me). It's this kind of writing that impresses people so they want to play it. If you want my opinion on who the culprit is, and as I love her (Cause she fine asf), it's Snow. Something is sus about her. I've seen plots where your trusted partners turn your back on you. Telltale might even go into this direction.

  • Yeah,Crane's just like HERPITY DERP HERP *molests Snow White

  • There were several "big reveals" in episode 2, but Crane murdering someone was not one of them. Crane had been a customer of the murdered girl, and she was likely killed the night that he saw her. That's what we know. You've basically just outlined all of the reasons why it probably isn't him. For one thing, it's too early. For another, like you said, who would leave all of that evidence all over the place and then just go back to work like nothing had happened? It seems more likely that someone is trying to frame him by using his ties to Lily. What was revealed:

    • Lily, Holly's sister, was glamoured as Snow White and met a client named "Mr. Smith" in the hotel room.
    • Lily was killed in said hotel room.
    • Pictures found in hotel room show that Lily was seeing Crane while glamoured as Snow.
    • The glamour that Lily used was cheap or "black market" and not made by the "official" witches of the 13th floor.
    • Lily and Faith both worked at the same club.
    • Lily and Faith had at least one client in common (The Woodsman).

    Honestly, that's a lot of stuff for one episode. I really liked ep. 2 for the fact that it included a lot of new developments.

  • Honestly I think Crane wanted them to find it, otherwise I doubt he would have been spying on them.

  • I think it's absurd the number of people who seem to think Crane is the murderer. All we know is he's a pervert, and he met Lily glamoured as Snow in room 207 in the past. We don't even know if he met her the night she died.

    • Yeah. I like the idea that Bluebeard framed him and capitalized on Cranes fetish for Snow

  • it seemed... rushed I guess
    nothing in that episode really had the wow factor, snow white's big reveal was pretty predictable

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