I thought you were dead theory:

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When Clementine says "I thought you were dead" she's on eye level with them so it's someone her height. My theory is what if it's nobody we've ever met before in the game & it's actually one of Clementines classmates before the zombie apocalypse?


  • btw clem is stunned Alt text HIGHLY DOUBT its a friend remember after her parents went to savanha or something Clem was with a babysiter and like was in that tree house for a few days after everything went to hell So im sorry i disagree with ur theory

  • She could be stunned that one of her classmates survived also.

  • Possibly but if its someone we've never seen....That would be a little too cheesy

  • They will probably not have it exactly the same. Clearly someone important will come back but I doubt they will use the same shot exactly

  • It's somebody we know in Season 1, if it's not then we got screwed.

    Kenny is coming back and we're all going to dance.

  • It's some from season 1. Your theory would be a bitchslap for the fans. It seems that telltale hates their costumers but this is really shit

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    Someone on Clem's height? i don't think Kenny has shrinked so much over the past two years´, but maybe he is just sitting on his knees.

    Alt text

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