• Well shes a woman they tend to be more sensitive hell I'd be flipping shit too and I'm guy. Beauty just realizes that Lily was just someone who needed money and had to turn to prostitution which is pretty sad. Although I must agree Beauty does seem quite suspicious at times. But I also think TellTale wanted to show what type of person Beauty is (since we havnt seen much of ger til now). Now I must admit that Beauty was a little extra about the scene I mean compare her to Snow when she saw Faith's head and Lawrence's body she cared but she didnt start going crazy like Beauty or atleast as crazy. Maybe Beauty went so crazy because she worked the desk and had NO clue about this nurder happening that is pretty scary. Whether Beauty is just being the normal sensitive person she is or is trying to cover something up I dont know yet but its probably the latter.

  • Yeah,i know...Somehow,i think game Beauty is far more different than comic Beauty,who is a kinda bitch to me.But it's okay,i like game one better.And...I dunno,this situation is shocking to her,i guess.

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