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Your top three "no-no's" after a long wait for episode 2

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A few suggestions:

  1. Running time of approximately 1.5 hours (or less)

  2. Identity of "I thought you were dead" person revealed as red herring (or withheld till next episode)

  3. Rushed gameplay and character interaction

  • Well you listed my top 3

  • Yeah that's pretty much it. Only I'd swap 2 and 3

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    CathalOHara Moderator
    1. No linear progression on the narrative. I liked exploring around and talking to people and adventure game elements (like in the Everett's Pharmacy & when setting up the train). It would also drastically increase playing time.

    2. Same as you actually. The "I thought you were dead" person turns out to be a red herring. I sincerely doubt that will happen though.

    3. You're playing as someone else other than Clementine. This one is probably not a big deal, but after seeing Scott Porter's name being posted before Melissa's I started to get worried that we might have a change of protagonist. Doubt it will be the case but still, got a bit worried.

    • Yeah THIS. They need to add more parts where you can just hang with the characters and get to know them. Episode 1 was great as a mainly action packed intro, kind of like the bit on a show before the initial credits, but from this episode I'd like to see more parts where you can just look around and most importantly talk to the characters. Season 1 you could go back to characters a few times and they say something different. Episode ones conversations felt too much like they were on rails.

      They're still really well done, but slow it down. You've got me hooked. You don't want to break the line.

    • Switching protagonist is not bad idea but it won't happen.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I have a feeling the " I thought you were dead" person will be revealed towards the end , I will forever hate Telltale

    1. 1.5 hours or less

    2. Nick surviving AND Pete dying either way. I'm okay if Nick survives, But Pete better survive the amputation.

    3. Only vague references to 400 days. I want to see several 400 days characters.

    • i'm ok with pete dieing, i only wanted him saved for the "HA! THAT is what a walker bite looks like, you pricks!" moment. and i think a "the joke's on you, only people that didn't go with tavia show up this ep." would bug alot of people. (i have a save for each, just in case. lol)

      as for my top 3...

      1. characters are unrelatable. after episode one, if darwinism doesn't kill this group, im willing to step up and finish them myself. hopefully this changes atleast somewhat, or it's gonna be a looong 5 eps.

      2. luke's moments end up being something like "the prince rides in on his white horse and saves the damsel in distress. many, many times."

      3. overly scripted so as to remove the illusion of choice. the middle finger of "no matter what u choose, we'll kill 'em anyway" will always be there, but it just feels like its being crammed down my throat. season 1 ep 1 had multiple choices and areas to explore that fleshed out the people and scenes. the area around clem's house, hershel's farm, the drugstore, and the motel. s2 felt super abridged. like, let's just get her where we want her, and crush everyones' hopes for clem/christa/omid as quickly as possible, aaaaand done. now they can wait for ep 2.

      • Lol yeah there's be a certain satisfaction in "so Carlos, what's your diagnosis?" :-p

        The only guy who stayed at the camp on my save is Vince. I don't replay individual saves

        I've got another where Russel and Vince stay but all the others go with Tavia. What do I have to do to get them all to tell her to fuck off?

  • All the teasing for 400 Days amounting to finding the corpses of the people Tavia left at the camp.

    • Only Vince stayed behind on mine. That would suck. Almost as much as finding Nates corpse.

      • i thought vince's comment was contradictory to how he acts... "we should stick together." everybody leaves but him. way to follow through there, vince.

        • I found it hard to believe that anyone would stay there by themselves no matter how much they didn't trust Tavia.

          "Yeah, you guys go ahead with her. I'm going to stay here in this flimsy tent with walkers everywhere and no-one to stand guard while I'm sleeping."

          • Is there any way to get them all to stay?

        • I know right? That didn't make much sense to me.

          I was also disappointed Leland had disappeared. I think it would've been interesting to see how that worked out, especially as I lied to him about Dee. I needed to get out of there and "I just crowned your wife" didn't sound like the start to a very short or quiet conversation.

          Fucking Dee bashes your head in if you don't hit her anyway, and she's got the torch. It was self defense, even if it wasn't an accident.

    1. Clem dying

    2. it being under 2 hours

    3. No effect of choice whatsoever

    1. Lack of big decisons the more the better
    2. Harder and longer QTEs maybe take out group of zombies with hammar be so epic
    3. No more linear gameplay after first chapter camera kept on pushing me one direction all felt so forced to do one thing
    4. Exploration around area and talk to each in depth to learn about them because right now if any of them died wouldn't even blink need to get better connection with characters
    5. Moment of fear for clem where breaks down and see person behind new badass emotionless clem
    6. If give me hour episode then 4 month again wait its game over for me
    1. "I thought you were dead" person being someone who clearly was dead making an unbelievable comeback, (sorry, I don't want it to be Kenny).
    2. Short, linear episode like TWAU episode 2.
    3. Throwing away or under-using 400 Days characters.
  • Clem is 11. Since she's protagonist it won't be easy but don't make her super strong. And give her a jacket!

    Extend time of gameplay. More puzzles and talking! I want to know more about people.

    Please, end the episode like you did in S1. Don't stop in the middle of action.

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