Do we really need S1 saves for S2?

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I've been asking myself about that for a long time. Do we really need to have the Season 1 saves in order to play Season 2. I mean, I have a problem with importing my S1 saves and I'm wondering if we even need season 1, because what happened in the past, happened... idk. What might change? I don't think that choices will be based on season 1 choices.

It looks like your S1 saves are only needed to show you in the preview what choices you've made and to actually remind you. Am I right or not? I don't know how to fix my problem with my saves, too.

EDIT: I haven't played 400 Days though. Does it have anything familiar with S1? Will it influence on S2?


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    I honestly think it's myth and don't need the previous save rather new season make decisions based on decisions within game so don't have to replay s1 then s2 to see all dialogue played s1 on vita and s2 on ps3 so my decisions were automatic and no saw no difference but we will see

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    Well if you havnt played 400 days I doubt it will matter that much. Though already clem has made several references to the first season.

    400 days will likely play the biggest role in effects on season 2

  • 400 Days maybe. Everyone in Lee & Clementine's group is dead or gone so it's hard to imagine what could make any difference to anything other than flashbacks at this stage.

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    i think they said that if you don't have s1 save to import, it randomly decides what your actions would have been. which, given they killed the wrong saint johns brother for me, i wouldn't put too much stock in having a save, either. certain choices are likely to show up as references, mostly. like how you left Lee at the end and so on. clem was on pretty good terms with everyone, with no real way to ruin it till s2.

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