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Kenny's future (Just for fun)

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Again. This is just for fun and in no way do I think this will really happen.

Clementine pushes past her group to find Kenny standing there and mutters the famous line: "I thought you were dead." Kenny had been wandering aimlessly after the events of season 1.

Kenny joins Clem's group and he seems to be doing fine. He even meets a woman who he eventually falls in love with (we'll call her Lucy). A series of more bad luck, more death to people that he grows close to (especially Lucy). Kenny finally loses it.

Clementine walks into a room to find a shaved Kenny (head and mustache) working at a tool bench.

"Kenny" Clementine calls out.

The camera starts to pan to an overhead shot of Clementine and then slowly moves over Kenny.

"Kenny's gone... and I suggest that you get out of here... NOW!"

The camera then moves completely over Kenny to show the tool bench. On the bench there is a roll of barbed wire and a baseball bat.

  • I must say, is not as surreal. But the part of Kenny shaved his mustache hair is funny.

    Maybe Kenny meets Woodbury before it become a complete chaos. Alice tends to his wounds and Kenny becomes friend of the Governor, some time later, the group of men Clementine is cornered by the governor, some members are killed. Kenny discovers that Clem was wholesale group, releases and the two flee.

    It would be cool.

  • I have a theory about how Kenny got to the all the Screenshots for Season2 we have seen so far, we can see the train tracks. Maybe this train tracks are from the samr train we were on in Season1 and Kenny just followed them untill he came to the mountains.

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