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My Theory/outlook on Luke

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At first glance he seems just what Clementine needs,someone in her corner,backing her up for decisions,etc hes more younger than Lee,so could relate better to her and not talk in a fatherly way.the screenshots are of him and her in the woods killing walkers,im guessing hes the character who will stay with her throughout S2 ..........BUT .....i don't trust him,there is just something odd about him i can't put my finger on,at the dinner table the questions just felt odd,his expressions for killing the dog,where is his girlfriend/wife? we hardly know anything about him,just got a feeling...

    • the dinner table the questions just felt odd

    He was just trying to get to know Clem. Nothing odd here.

    • his expressions for killing the dog

    What's wrong with that? Even Clem was sad about it.

    • where is his girlfriend/wife?

    Where is Nick's, Pete's etc. girlfriend/wife?

    • we hardly know anything about him

    Well he did mention his parents died or something. It's not like we know much about the rest either.

  • I like Luke,he carries you,drops you,carries you again to the cabin ,takes your part,gives you something to eat and puts Nick to apology.And he has a cool machete too.

  • I personally didn't find the questions to be odd. He was asking where her caretakers were, and I feel like anyone would ask a young kid they found lost in the woods that even not during the apocalypse.

    Nothing wrong with being a dog lover. I personally would have been upset if I was scouting the woods and the first person I found told me they killed the only possible dog in the area. Besides, it isn't like he held that against her for the rest of the episode, he was just frantic and upset.

    Maybe he doesn't have a girlfriend or wife? It's quite some time into the apocalypse so assuming he had one they're probably dead. Also, maybe he was single when the apocalypse started and focused more on surviving than trying to find a girlfriend.

    As for not knowing much about him, all I can say if we haven't spent much time with him besides a frantic moment, and a brief dinner.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Is this like the month of Luke or something ? All I see is Luke threads, We need the game more than ever

  • Luke s not my favourite at all, it's just too normal, for the time being.

    I know he's been awesome for Clem and that's true and he seems to like her and is trying to be nice and make her feel home with them...

    I just thinl that move where he dropped Clem just because she's bitten (by the dog) shows that he's kind of a scary cat... I understand could have been the shock, but that's what it seemed.

    I'll have to wait and see for more episodes, he seems pretyt badass in the new screenshots...

  • Regarding Luke having no family, that's why he is paying so much attention to Clem. Depending on what you say at the dinner table, he can reveal that his parents died. Everyone else in the cabin has someone they care about more than everyone else, except Luke.

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