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    To be fair (I know i'll get hate for this) he left on his own will due to disagreements about the budget and its been over two years since he did.

    It was awful that they cut the budget (and pretty shitty of them) but if he was going to sue why not do it the moment he left and they kept running the show or even a few months later?

    Instead he waits till the show has got to a new high and his new series (mob city) falls flat. I'm not defending either side but he had a hard case since he waited so long. The content in the show is due to the new writers and directors; he's been gone for a while.

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    When money involved people show there true colours walking dead deserve higher class of criminal money burns fortunately telltale games are cheap to make so never affect us

  • Yeah can't say I'm surprised.

    NOTHING AMC does would surprise me, they are the EA of TV.

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