Who threw ____ out?

On my playthrough of episode 2, I Threw Jack out of the bar because he was kinda annoying.

So I wanna know,
Who else threw Jack out of the bar? and why?

(Btw: It was kinda funny when Gren said: "Go fuck up on a beanstalk jackie-boy."


  • I did on a second play through, but not on my default/"nice" play through.

    I mainly just wanted to see his reaction.

  • That was my second playthrough aswell.
    On the first one I was being as nice as I could be. :P

  • Nope I didn't. He didn't do anything wrong and if you threw him out you kinda abused the sheriff name.

  • I threw him out my first time through. I was there to tell Holly about her sister being murdered by a serial killer, and he wouldn't stop being a loud-mouthed jerk. I don't even consider that a Nice Bigby vs. Mean Bigby decision. He had it coming.

    Besides, it seemed to fit the Bigby/Jack relationship.

  • I had to throw him out because he made the situation worse for Holly in my opinion. He didn't do it on purpose but it was thoughtless nonetheless.

  • Threw him out because I wanted to do what comic Bigby would have done just this time.

  • I did it on my first play through. He was so fucking annoying and wouldnt stop talking.

  • I threw him out on my first play through and the second time I wish I had thrown him out again haha
    He was really annoying...

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    Disturbing the peace, interfering with police business, threatening to rebel against authority. He did quite a few things wrong which are against the law and all he got was kicked out of a bar.

  • I did it like the comics Bigby would. I threw him out

  • He was being a JACKass (Yes, I died a little after typing that) and insensitive about Holly's sister being missing. I threw him out so he wouldn't be around when I broke the news to Holly. He had it coming.

  • I didn't throw him out. He reminds me a lot of myself in a sense, and I think he's an overall great character.

  • I let him talk cuz I didn't want to be get violent again.

  • I kicked him out because he was being a dick, but I didn't hit him(or whatever the prompt does).

  • I did.He was all up and acting like a bitch,while Holly was mourning her dead sister.'Course i threw him out.On my second playthrough,though,i didn't.Nor in the next ones.Because it's kinda awkward when you throw him out,and...I dunno,i just wanted to be a little nice,knowing that i was gonna vandalize Georgie's stuff later.So yeah.

  • I probably should have, but I wanted to hear what he had to say. Unfortunately I didn't realized the extent of his douchebaggery.

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