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The Governor Appreciation Thread

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Show Your Love For Brian, People :)

  • Absolutely! You may hate him, but you can't deny his badass moments.




  • My favorite character on T.V risked everything for his community and failed him felt so bad for him. Most misunderstood character on tv true hero willing to do the evil deeds just to improve his and his peoples conditions and supplies then rick appears takes his prison and shoots up his community forcing governor to kill him at any cost to save his people. Killed so many people wearing an eye-patch has some shot. His perfect leader keeps everyone alive and if don't follow his rule die that's fair and keeps people concentrated and motivated to follow same path.
    R.I.P Brian

    • THIS.


      I cried reading your comment lol.

      I thought I was the only one who saw it Brians way :)

      One things for sure, if I was in TWD, and I couldn't find Lee, I'd join Brian.

    • I agree.... He was a tragic character more than anything. He tried to change. He really did. But standing there at the fences of the prison, getting touched by Ricks speech, he looks at Michonne katana, then at Rick. He remembers his history now, his past. Michonne killing Penny. Rick being responsible for Gov's shameful defeat in S3 finale. If Governor didn't have this history with Rick's group. He would had joined them too.

      Also when he sees Megan. i think he just wanted to die. Even if he would've taken the prison, he would just shoot himself in the head after that.

      • Believe it or not I actually nearly did cry when Lily brought Megan over. The look on his face he was crushed, but he shook it off, manned up and ordered the tank in., because he knew it was too late to pull back.

        Brian had his faults, but he looked after his group.

        Brian stepped up.

        Brian never shrunk from the hard decisions.

        You could see when he met Martinex he didn#'t want to take over that group, he tried to leave, but he knew his family wouldn't be safe unless he was in charge, as no one was able to lead in that group, and Martinez fucking strait up threatened his family when they wre playing golf.

        THAT's when he went back to being the Governor.

        Everything Brian did, he did it for family.

        I can respect a dude like that.

        Respect him.

  • Way more conflicted and interesting character than dull old rick and especially Ricks annoying bratty kid. That said I think his arc was done, any more and they would have dragged it out way too much.

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    gupy01 BANNED

    Can't wait to have him in the video game. I bet he was the one Tavia was talking to in 400 days.

  • Ten hours of the same song. 1 minute is how long it is so about 600 times its sung... Challenge accepted.

  • Play these both back at once and watch the top one :)

  • Is... the TV Governor different from the comic Governor? Because if he's anything like the comic Governor I'm seriously worried about anyone who'd start an appreciation thread for him.

  • Well the end was a little bit stupid. With this new group were he killed every leader and nobody in the group are wondering why thats happend since he is with them. Than he killed herschel in a cruel way, allthough Rick says infront of everyone, that he wants peace...well and the stupid group still fights for the brian.
    But yes he was a good character

  • Love TV Governor. At one point, it was downright easy to empathize with him. I love how David Morrissey played him, just brilliant.

    Comic Governor? Eh, not a big fan.

    • Yeah comic Governor is hard to like.

      Shows how good an actor Morrissey is that you can get past what he does and start to empathize with his character.

      I don't like everything the Governor did, but I can respect Brian, probably because, like me, he would do anything for his family.

      Just wish he hadn't gone all Ed Gein on Michonne and those dudes.

      Without that I would straight up back him to the death.

      Still almost my favorite character outside the game though.

      There's only really Leee and Clem I prefer.

      Although I love Maggie. She reminds me of my ex wife :)

  • David Morrissey is my hero for playing that amazingly written character. I wasn't really a fan of the comic book gov, because he was mostly just cruel from the start, took what he wanted and acted like a dick and then got extra vengeful after the whole Michonne thing. However the TV-version i was sceptical against at first glance, you know when you saw Philip and you thought hey...HEY... he's not supposed to be in charge, how did they?.. And then it happened, you saw his first scenes where he had the people under control and took a whole military force down. From that episode i started seeing the governor in a whole other way, and he kept on getting better and better for every episode that passed. I agree with most of you people here and i'm so glad that i'm not alone on thinking that hey; Maybe Philip Blake wasn't purely evil, he had his sides, protecting his own, running a community, having everyone getting along, just the same was as Rick. Survive. Together. But the misunderstandings between the group became lethal for an incoming war between them. I absolutely love the Governor from the TV-Series and i sincerely hope this thread stays alive.

    • Exactly. The rise of the Governor books show he's just a guy who was put through the shit and had to become what he was to survive.

      Morrissey played that role to perfection. Comic governor had very little to like about him except he was funny, like Nate crossed with Patrick Bateman.

      The show showed him to be more than a complete raging psychopath, I mean, he still sort of WAS, but you could understand WHY he was like that.

      I came away from season 3 totally getting the Governor in a way I'd never understood comic Phillip.

      Those episodes with him and Tara and megan are my favorite since the first season.

      Just wish they hadn't fucking killed him off, and hope they don't replace him with Negan :(

      • Aye, i completely agree with you man. Negan is more mentally insane and has almost the opposite way of doing things. Instead of understanding why he did things and either hate/love him for it you just keep saying to yourself: Why, what the fuck? The hell is this? Because Negan isn't understandable, he is a person that just keeps on being more and more strange and unexpected. For example, why does he not bash Rick's brains in already?

        Secondly i agree it did suck that they killed the Governor off, but playing a show with 2 separate groups doesn't really work out well. The only thing i didn't like about the whole episode is the way that Governors group got so ridiculously crushed. Ok, a bigger group, equipped with military gear (except for armor) and a fucking tank lost to a smaller group with many children firing weapons, that is just not happening, it's silly. Also how the governor went for Hershel instead of Michonne was only to hurt mentally. He really had no reason to choose Hershel rather than his everlasting grudge for Michonne. Oh, also turns out, she killed him which is even more silly. Meh, it's TV i suppose.

        Also, Nate is such a great character because nothing phases him, he's a jolly psycho. And i love it.

        • Governor and Nate DLC coming soon!

        • The the one thing The Gov. did that I can't understand on the show was killing Hershel.

          He even liked the old dude, but I guess sometimes we can't come back after all...

          • He did like Hershel, he was honest and optimistic and was the true voice of reason. But as DirtySlimyHarry said earlier, when he was listening to Rick's speech, getting convinced to actually join forces he looked over his side and saw Michonne with her katana, and then back to Rick and saw everything that had happened to him and his small community due to these people. His mind burned with anger and he did something he had not planned in his head, but was only an act of pure hatred for those moments. "Liar!"

            Also as i said previously, he should've chopped Michonne's head instead, but he didn't have time to think, he was mad out of his mind.

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