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I'm having trouble with the King of Town

posted by ndskarin on - last edited - Viewed by 555 users
I've dug the holes (all three), covered them up with brush, but the King of Town keeps stealing the candy. He avoids the hole, even though they're covered up. Can anyone help?!?
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  • Put some candy into the holes before putting the hedge clippings on.
  • If what Silent said isn't working for you, you may have run into a glitch. Try restoring to an earlier save (if you have one), or leave the area and come back again.
  • Silent's answer worked for me as well.
  • I'm in the same boat--I've approached this exactly as suggested, and in every possible way, and it doesn't work. I"ve first covered the hole with leaves, then placed it at the doormat, but KOT notices the trap and goes around it. I've tried placing the candy on the trap and then putting the candy back at the door, he still avoids the trap. Argh. And it looks like none of my saves are far back enough. Is this going to be fixed? Or do I have to play the whole game over from the start?
  • I've run into this bug also. The KOT still see the hole even with the clippings on it. Is there a workaround?

    Well.. I found my own answer. Use the clippings on the hole again.. It will recover it. (Even if it looks like there are clippings on it, do it again.)

  • EDIT: Never mind. The game was trying to tell me I was past the point in the story when any of this even mattered. I had already completed this challenge; my impression was that I now needed to keep the King of Town trapped in that hole somehow, but I was wrong. Still, the hole glitch was confusing!

    Argh! I have a similar problem that's even worse. I know about how you can put the clippings back over the hole, even if it looks like there are already clippings there. But, when I do that, I can no longer put the chocolates at Marzipan's door! If I touch the welcome mat with the chocolates, the cursor will simply go back to normal, with nothing happening. If I touch the front door with the chocolates, Strong Bad will say "No, no" or similar.

    I can get the hole to "reset" if I try to put the chocolates on the hole itself. Strong Bad will ask you not to ruin his trap again, and the hole will look the same; but now, the game thinks it is empty (the King of Town will avoid it, you can put the clippings back on it, etc.). However, when the hole is "empty" (looks covered, acts empty), _now_ you can put the chocolates at Marzipan's door, and the King of Town will avoid the hole (though it appears covered) and eat them! It's maddening. I can't find any way out.

    When the hole appears to be covered but the game thinks it is empty, I can, of course, put new clippings on it. But then, I'll be stuck in the first situation: I can now no longer put the chocolates at Marzipan's door! Then, if I "reset" the hole by attempting to put the chocolates on it (mysteriously making the game think the hole is empty again), I can put the chocolates at the door, but the KOT will avoid the hole and eat them.

    So, to review: when the hole works, the mat doesn't. When the mat works, the hole doesn't! I don't know what to do!

    I have previous saves, but the retracing I'd have to do would be considerable. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (I'm playing the Wii version, by the way)
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