Clementine vs. Lizzie?



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    Maybe, Carl definitely, but I'd only give a maybe for Clem vs. Rick.

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    I don't think Carl will survive to be honest, By the look of the All Out War story line, I think most of them are going to die, I think will Rick anyway.

    EDIT: I actually want Carl to die because I hate him XD

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    I really want Carl to die before Rick does... Because if he doesn't, the means he'll likely take over the series, and I really don't want that to happen.

    Also, I'm hoping that Rick doesn't die now, hopefully he'll live a little longer.

  • I want Carl to turn into an antagonist & Rick would have to kill him, That would be interesting as hell, I want Rick to live a little longer too, He is a lot more interesting then Carl imo.

    Carl definitely

    Did you mean Carl would win or Clem would win?

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    Given the chance, mine will be. At least this playthrough.

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    Clem would definitely win in a fight vs. Carl is what I meant, I suppose I should have been clearer. Mainly because she's smarter and seems to have better instincts than Carl.

    I think Carl turning into an antagonist would be weird, but maybe during a battle one of the Savior's zombie guts coated weapons would inflict some sort of injury to him and he would turn, and then Rick would have to kill him. I don't like Carl too much, in fact at this point, I'm finding that I like even TV Carl(who I hated in S3), more than Comic Carl. At least, at that point in the series where the TV show is at. I get the feeling that most others also don't like Comic Carl as in the letter hacks for #123, there were at least two people who asked for Carl to die or be horribly injured(someone wanted Negan to bat a grenade at Carl).

  • Seriously, you actually believe that a little girl who is not experienced in killing and war much will win against Carl, a guy who is risking his life for revenge? Stay realistic, Carl is going to win, he's way too hardened to lose against a girl who spend her life avoiding dangers mostly.

  • Clem: 'Look at the flowers, Lizzie!'

    Lizzie: 'Ok'

    Clem smashes her head in, like, super hard!

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    Carl isn't the smartest when it comes to fighting, he's rash and has proven to have bad instincts. He may be a good survivor, but so is Clem. Yeah, I think that Clem could win in a fight against Carl.

  • Carl would kill Clementine if he had a gun because he's just the type of a**hole to do that, but Clementine would smash his head with a hammer or anything if there were no guns.

  • dude, carl cant even stay in the darn house, and clem can. so that's a win for clem. its always a win for clem.

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    that far gone...

    I see what you did there...

  • For the last time, SPOILER TAG????

  • I'm talking about the comic Carl btw, who is cannon to game Clementine. And in the comic Carl got almost raped by drug addicts, saw his father mutilate 2 guys, killed a young unarmed boy on his own, lost an eyeball and survived and killed 6+ of Negans men in revenge, completely disregarding his own life. Maybe you are right about melee weapons, but Carl'd definitely win with guns, since Clem can't even handle a rifle.

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    Okay, so he experienced a bunch of horrible stuff. That doesn't mean he'd win.

    Also, "killed a young unarmed boy on his own", how is that a positive?

    And "killed 6+ of Negans men in revenge, completely disregarding his own life". Yeah, disregarding his own life. As I said, not the brightest. You're really not doing a good job presenting a case for why Carl would win in a fight. As I said, Clem is smart, she has good instincts, she's good with both melee weapons and firearms, and she's had more experience surviving. Carl may have gone through worse situations, but that doesn't equate to survival experience.

  • Carl may be a better shot, but you've still got to consider that Clem has better instincts than Carl does.

  • Okay, I admit that Clementine is smarter than Carl, but that is also because Clementine is two years older than him. I believe that Carl would win because of his experience. He is not afraid of anything and is much more willing to take human lifes. That's why he has an advantage over Clementine, since she still retains some of her humanity, while Carl disregarded it almost completely. Not to forgot that he is also a good shot and probably much better than Clementine who didn't have the time to train her sharpshooting.

  • Yes, Clementine is clearly much more cautious of her surroundings than Carl. Though he was worse before he almost got bit twice, since he was too arrogant and confident in his own skills.

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    Clem can determinately also take lives very easily, though that's not much of an advantage. And as I said, Carl went through worse thing, but that does not equate with actual survival experience. Clem was surviving on her own with Christa for two years, for the most part, Carl has always been in a community or has been with a large group. He's rarely been on his own. Clem is smarter because she's older, but she's also just generally smarter than Carl is, even when she was Carl's age.

    Carl being willing to take human lives very easily also doesn't equate to skill or anything or the sort either. It just makes him less humane, which isn't a huge advantage when surviving. Maybe a little bit, but definitely not by much.

    The only thing I'll give you is that Carl is probably a better shot.

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    killed 6+ of Negans men in revenge, completely disregarding his own life.

    The only reason Carl didn't die that day was because Negan didn't order it, Carl could have died easily right there & then if Negan wasn't so generous.

  • How did you get this option to high five Luke? never seen this.

  • What if Negan had killed all of them at Issue 100? What if Rick got a sniper on Negan on Issue 115? Fact is, Negan spared Carl's life because he liked this boy, he even admired him. Things could have gone different, but then the story would be completely different.

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  • of course clem would win! maybe im just saying tht cause i luv her

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    No, you're saying that because you know she would... and because you love her.

  • Lizzie would win. I hate to say it but Lizzie was a total wackadoodle and I have no doubt she would try to tear Clem apart with her bare hands if she could. But I know Clem would not go down with out a fight !

  • If you take the big zombie, he high fives you then tells you to not go against the plan again.

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    Also Contains Spoilers From The Show
    Ok let's just compare the two.
    Lizzie has killed only like a few zombies as well as Alisha (who was shot, and in the words of Pete "Any idiot with a finger can shoot")
    She's also killed Mika, who was unsuspecting because they are GOD DAMN SISTERS.
    She also killed Martin who was just shot, and like I said "Any idiot with a finger can shoot"
    Ok now looking at Clem
    She fought off a dog, although was wounded from it.
    She fought off Winston using her environment, which is a valuable fighting skill. Also, she didn't use a gun and Winston is nearly twice her size.
    She's also killed the Stranger from episode five. She did use a gun here, but she did distract him enough whenever she hits him with her fist or whatever object you direct her to grab and hit the stranger with said object.
    She has also killed multiple zombies.

    Lizzie may be bat shit crazy but Clem knows how to fight, whether or not it's her using her strength.
    Clem wins bitches.

    I'm also going off of memory here but didn't the stranger say something about his daughter "Lizzie"? It may have been Lindsay but who knows? Just thought i'd put that in there :P

  • Clementine fought Winston. A bandit that is twice her size. Clementine didn't even use a weapon, unless you count her teeth and a stick as weapons.
    The only people Lizzie has fought against was whenever she was using a weapon, mostly guns, and guns are just the easy way out of things.

  • True. But the way Lizzie was becoming increasingly unstable would have made her equal if not stronger than Clem. Their are many cases of female mental patience's being able throw male orderlies across rooms. I was looking at it from that perspective. It was just my opinion :) I am all okay with people disagreeing with it.

    I Also have no doubt about Clem's fighting skills.

  • Yeah but Lizzie just hasn't shown any usefulness without a weapon.
    Also, I realize it's your opinion, I'm not pissed at you I just get a sudden rage when someone even mentions Lizzie from the show. Ugh I just can't stand that character. Don't get me wrong, she's decently written but she's a character I love to hate.

  • I think the daughter's name was Elizabeth and her called her Lizzie for short.

  • I agree with you, I didn't like her either.

  • I never knew you could take the big zombie. I must do this NOW!! Thanks :)

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