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Clementine vs. Lizzie?

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As in Lizzie from the T.V show. In a fight where Lizzie has her knife & Clementine has her hammer who do you think will survive? (Lizzie would probably start the fight since she's becoming a bit of a psychopath) Both of them are around the same age and the zombie apocalypse is really starting to change them into who they once were. I think Clementine would survive BTW.

  • Clem wins of course Lizie is insane.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Clem! Lizzie is crazy but I'm slightly biased for her killing Mika, my favourite.

  • All Clementine has to say is "Just look at the flowers!"... and then it's Hammer Time.

  • It would be an easy kill for Clem. Clementine is like spec ops soldier compared to that psychotic girl.

  • I actually wonder now if the actress has played the game and knows the significance of the hat that she's wearing. I mean she's pretty young and the game is well... yeah.

  • Clem: 'Look at the flowers, Lizzie!'

    Lizzie: 'Ok'

    Clem smashes her head in, like, super hard!

  • of course clem would win! maybe im just saying tht cause i luv her

  • Lizzie would win. I hate to say it but Lizzie was a total wackadoodle and I have no doubt she would try to tear Clem apart with her bare hands if she could. But I know Clem would not go down with out a fight !

    • Clementine fought Winston. A bandit that is twice her size. Clementine didn't even use a weapon, unless you count her teeth and a stick as weapons.
      The only people Lizzie has fought against was whenever she was using a weapon, mostly guns, and guns are just the easy way out of things.

      • True. But the way Lizzie was becoming increasingly unstable would have made her equal if not stronger than Clem. Their are many cases of female mental patience's being able throw male orderlies across rooms. I was looking at it from that perspective. It was just my opinion :) I am all okay with people disagreeing with it.

        I Also have no doubt about Clem's fighting skills.

        • Yeah but Lizzie just hasn't shown any usefulness without a weapon.
          Also, I realize it's your opinion, I'm not pissed at you I just get a sudden rage when someone even mentions Lizzie from the show. Ugh I just can't stand that character. Don't get me wrong, she's decently written but she's a character I love to hate.

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