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So far i read until chapter 6 of comics and its awesome but i have a question : Should i keep reading or should i stop because im worried about spoilers i dont want to spoil the story in TWAU so what should i do ?

  • Dude...TWAU is a prequel...You're already spoiling the fact that Snow's alive.Umm...I only got to issue 68 myself,but i would suggest...Reading it.Yep.Not that much to spoil,except the statuses of a few characters.I guess you can keep going.(P.S.:Issue 50 RULES!)

  • Well.... I highly doubt you'll be spoiled. I must say, i was in a way suspicious of Crane from the start because of the comics. But that's done, so yeah, if you liked them, keep reading!

  • I've read every comic to date, and not much has spoiled the game for me, other than Snow is alive, so I think reading the comics would be fine. I still enjoy the game even though I know more that most of the people who haven't read the comics know, because I know which people can be suspects and which people cannot due to their roles in the comic. There are a lot of newly introduced fables in the game that I can't predict what will happen to and there are still a lot of people who can be the killer even though I've read the comics. I think your fine by reading them, if anything it'll give you a better understanding about it all.

  • By all means, keep reading. I doubt it will spoil anything for you, except you might expect specific characters to pop up.

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