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What Comes After(A Walking Dead Fan-Fic)

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The Re-boot can be found here

A link to my own website with similar stories and Fanfics of all kinds!

There is now an interactive version of the first episode in the works!

This Fan fiction will take place between Seasons 1 and 2, and will be written collaboratively with the member of the Telltale Community.

It will work like this, you can write from the perspective of one or more characters. Minor characters can be written by anyone, and if they gain a larger role, then people can take charge of the characters, if they want. Your characters can and most likely will die, however, a character dying has to be decided by the community. You can't just kill off a major character, it has to be decided by everyone else that is writing, and if they decide you can't, then you;ve got to go along with that decision. The person writing the character possibly being killed can't vote.

Besides that,all story decisions will be made by the characters. Also, minor characters are fair game, unless someone has plans for them. The important thing is to, as much as you can, not step on however peoples' toes as it were when writing. Don't destroy their planned plotlines if you can help it, etc. Ultimately, it will be up to me and the people most invested in the story to decide what happens if there's a difference of opinion.

To join, you have to submit a quick description of who your character(s) will be, and what their place in the story will be. Just include some background on them(not everything), and a quick description. Once at least a few people decide to join, I'll start with a quick description of "The Story So Far" that everyone agrees with, and we'll go from there.

Also, don't be shy of using profanity, extreme violence, or anything that might be considered "inappropriate". This is The Walking Dead after all...

Character List:
(Note, this will hold only very short descriptions of each character)

Daniel Crelourn(Zyphon): A P.I. in New York who came down to Macon, Georgia just before the turn. Daniel is a good man, and a survivor. He hasn't exactly taken the role of leader quiet yet, but he is trusted by most members of the group. Alive.

Elizabeth Galloway(Zyphon): A very smart girl who's lived in Macon all her life. She is a good person who would do what is right over what is practical most of the time. Alive.

Elisha Roberts(ClementineCultist): A smart college student, intelligent and pragmatic. Alive.

Bruce Denley(Viva-La-Lee): High School drop out, strong and loyal, has an upbeat demeanor. Alive.

Michael Kendall(Raging_Blades): Chinese boy, fast and good at gathering supplies. Trying to find his family. Killed by Eric at the cabins.

Dexter "OJ" Rogerson(themadeiramagician): A porn star whose goal is to find his two fathers. Alive. (You should look at this one for yourself, a lot to explain)

Aaron Snow(Martin_The_Brit): A young boy who is somewhat cowardly and not a good fighter, but can climb around buildings. Mutilated by Eric, and eventually killed by Theo's dog Boateng.

Anton Kirby(Lingvort): A young man who is socially awkward and doesn't trust people. Alive.

Trevor Ross(TheWalkingSheep): A Canadian athlete who moved to Georgia. Cocky and Arrogant. After making threats to Ivy and admitting to trying to kill Jack, Daniel killed him as Anna asked to to "just get rid of him".

Larry Laps(Randomz89101): 17 year old "glass half full" kind of guy. Tries to be a big help. Allows trying to be friendly. Killed by Eric.

Kieran Morrison(--------TheBroski): 17 year old boy, looking for his brother, tracking the group from the Motor Inn. Alive.

Ivy Rose(Martin_The_Brit): A 9 year old girl with a strong sense of morality, shy and mostly quiet. Alive.

Trina Yu(TWD_25): A 9th grade girl outside of Atlanta looking for her family. Mutilated by Eric after his attack on the camp.

Molly(Martin_The_Brit, Crossover Character): A young woman very skilled in fighting and climbing. Originally from Savannah. Along with Daniel, one of the "leaders" of the group. Alive.

Anna Correa(Zyphon, Crossover Character): A resident of Crawford who escaped. Her child was killed in a bandit attack. Mostly quiet, she tries to stay out of the way, but speaks up for what she thinks is right. Alive.

Theodore Joseph(Twistee): A 34 year old man who lost his wife in the first days. Has trust issues and wants to hunt down his brother's killers. Somewhat aggressive, and constantly saying "motherfucker". Alive.

Eric Kirky(Randomz89101): A psychopathic 32 year old man who slaughtered his previous group with a severed head. Stalked the group for a day or two before he was killed by Ivy.

Hunter White(AWESOMEO): 22 year old man who lost his father and has military training. Alive.

Francesca "Frankie" Abrams(Glinda): 43 year old women whose family is mostly dead or have an unknown fate. Was a lawyer and has a strong sense of justice. Alive.

Jack Galvin(NPC): A surgeon who became the leader of a small group. They eventually moved to the Motor Inn, but several people were killed in a bandit attack, including Jack.

Will Hayward(Raging_Blades): A high school kid who is looking for his sister after the turn. Alive.

Han & Hal Gelvis(TheWalkingSheep): Two brothers from a poor upbringing. Hal is autistic, and Han was kicked out of Crawford after finding his brother again. Hal died after a walker attack, and Han has fallen into depression.

Phoenix(Randomz89101): A homeless man who was saved by a woman in the early days and have been traveling ever since. Alive.

Angel Wu(TWD_25): Trina Yu's Aunt. Used to be calm and collected, but is quickly falling apart in this new world. Alive.

Lauren Reed(AWESOMEO): Phoenix's companion, a strong woman who thinks that other people are the best way to stay alive. Alive.

Kevin Martinez(TinyCarlos): A mechanic from Texas, Kevin has killed many people to survive in this new world, and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Alive.

Paul Harvey(Zyphon, Crossover Character): The rapist leader of the Save-Lots bandits. Either drugs or the Turn have completely destroyed his sense of morality. Alive.

Isaac Ferrel(CartoonMischief): One of the Save-Lots bandits. A jokester. Alive.

Zeke(NPC): One of the Save-Lots bandits. Worries a bit, too much sometimes. Killed by Ivy.

Lisa Allsop(------TheBroski): A survivalist, hate's killing walkers. Killed by walkers and bandits.

Bandits: Ryan Henderson(con man, smug, charming), Mason Erich(brute), Jamie Wells(trigger happy coward), Jake Trotter(loyal, clumsy), Bart Wilson(brave, strong).

Terrance Jones(TheWalkingSheep): A juvenile delinquent who was part of a gang. Loyal, but can be manipulative to get what he wants. Alive.

Episode One: Road To Nowhere

Two days before, a group staying at the Travelair Motor Inn were attacked by the "Save-Lots" Bandits. Five people died in the attack, including their leader, Jack Galvin, and Anna Correa's infant daughter. The remaining survivors, Daniel, Elizabeth, Larry, Anton, Trevor, Anna, Molly, and Aaron set out on the road to find a new home.

A day later, the group decided to split up in search of shelter and supplies. Molly and Aaron decided to go back to Macon to try and find supplies, and Daniel, Trevor, Anton, and Larry decided to scout ahead for shelter, with Trevor in charge of the expedition. Elizabeth and Anna set up a temporary camp on the road until both groups returned.

Molly and Aaron's supply run was going well, and then they found a small girl named Ivy surviving in the attic of a building. Molly decided to take Ivy back as Aaron continued with the supply run. At the same time, Trevor's group met a mysterious man named Michael. Though Michael's offer of shelter was genuine, The group didn't believe him at first.

As Trevor's group went with Michael to investigate the possibility of a safe place, Molly returned with Ivy, and a young man named Kieran came upon the camp. After deciding to let Kieran stay until everyone else got up, the camp was attacked by Walkers. They narrowly fought off the walker attack before another new comer, Frankie approached. After a vote, they decided to hear Frankie's story.

As the scouting group fought amongst themselves, Michael began to trust them less, and made his escape before things turned ugly. At the same time, Aaron was attacked by Walkers at Everett's Pharmacy.

Two months before, a man named Eric took revenge on his old group by cutting off a woman's head and using it has a weapon to kill the rest of the group members. With two walker heads as weapons, he stalks the scouting group as the find they cabins.

Two survivors, Theo and Trina, save Aaron at the pharmacy and make it back to camp. Elizabeth and Molly worry about taking too many people in before the scouting group gets back.

Back at the cabins, Eric has Laurie, one of his walkers heads, bite Larry on the neck. Larry wakes everyone up and they go to search for his killer. They don't get very far before Eric finishes the job by chopping Larry's head off. Daniel and Trevor fight, and then head back to camp, preparing to tell everyone else they need to flee.

Back at the cabin's, Michael finds Larry's body and decides to dig a grave for him, but just after finishing, is bitten by one of Eric's walker heads, Laurie. Michael kills Laurie, however, kills himself after finishing Larry's grave rather than amputating. Eric then decides to follow Daniel, Trevor, and Anton back to camp.

Back at the camp, tensions rise as Trevor demands respect of the new people. He accuses Daniel of Larry's murder, although no one believes him, and then confesses to trying to kill Jack before the bandit attack. Fighting and threats ensue amongst the members of the group, mainly Aaron, Molly, and Trevor, Daniel quickly stops the chaos, for a short time at least, with a threat to Trevor's life. However, after Anna hears Trevor's threat to Ivy, she convinces Daniel to go against his nature and kill Trevor.

Almost immediately after, Eric attack, severing Aaron's right hand, but also losing his last walker head, Brittany. Molly, Theo, and Trina follow in pursuit as Kieran, Ivy, and Elizabeth attempt to help Aaron.

Out in the dark, Eric mutilates Trina, making her his new weapon. not long after, Molly and Aaron fight Eric, driving him back to the camp where he his eventually finished off by Ivy. The nightmare finally ends.

Episode Two: What Shadows Hide

In the aftermath of being hunted by the psychopathic killer Eric, the group tries to find a new home, but are interrupted by Han, a man who says that he has medical supplies back where his brother is in the cabins.

While Han talks to the group, Phoenix and his companion Lauren find the cabin, and Han's autistic brother Hal. Will also stumbles upon the cabins.

While Han takes Molly and Kieran back to the cabins, conflict erupts in the camp between Aaron and Theo, which ends with Aaron shooting Theo, and Theo's dog boateng brutally attacking Aaron as he tries to protect Ivy.

Molly, Kieran, Han, Hal, Lauren, and will head back to the cabins to find that Aaron's injuries are too serious, and all the noise over the past few days has drawn a walker herd. In the chaos, Molly puts Aaron out of his misery after he is bitten, and the group fights for their life.

During the fight, Phoenix has found the RV by the tracks, and decides to help the group, they all get onto the RV and leave. Off in the woods, Paul and a group of bandits are watching. They figure that Macon is done for, and decide to follow the group.

As Paul and the bandits follow them, the group is stuck when they find two semis on the road. While trying to move the semis out of the way, walkers attack. The semis are moved, and the RV leaves with Will, Molly, Elizabeth, and Anna on it. Everyone else is left behind, and they scatter.

Phoenix finds Hal in a cabin where Han had wandered off to and was killed. Elisha also finds the cabin, and breaks in as Hal begins to drink, and Phoenix thinks of what to do.

Frankie and Angel, Trina's aunt who had been wandering in the woods, are also separate from the rest. Kieran goes into the woods, but is attacked by a wild dog. A woman named Lisa rescues him.

Only Daniel and Ivy remain on the road, waiting in a semi for the RV to come back, but soon after, the bandits find the semis, and start to look around.

As Han wanders through the woods, he finds his brother Hal, dead in a cabin. Phoenix finds the same cabin, but it's clear the Han will be of no help. Soon after, a man named Elisha finds them. Phoenix tells Elisha what happened, and Elisha thinks that the bandits that attacked the group are the same ones the he knows of, and saw on the road earlier. They set off to find the RV, and are shortly joined by Han after he buried his brother.

As the Rv turns around and tries to make it back to the semis, they find Theo and Kieran on the way. However, they come too late as Paul finds Daniel and Ivy and captures them. After a short shootout with no injuries on either side, the bandits flee, and decide to return to the Motor Inn, knowing that the RV group will follow and that they can confront them on their own ground.

Most everyone reunites at the crash site with the exception of Angel and Frankie, and Elizabeth urges the group to follow the bandits before it's too late.

Shortly after being captured by the bandits, Daniel and Ivy manage to escape, but Paul at least manages to track down Ivy. Before being captured once more, she manages to kill Zeke.

As the RV group devises a plan, Paul and Issac capture Ivy again and take her back to the Motor Inn. Daniel waits by the road for the others to find him.

Daniel encounters the RV group and the find the Motor Inn, before attacked, Will and Elizabeth argues with the group to consider alternatives to killing the bandits. No one else agrees, and as night falls, the group launches an attack on the Motor Inn. Han is injured and bitten, and Daniel, Elisha, and Elizabeth push forward.

After realizing that it is a losing battle, Paul surrenders Ivy, only to turn around and prepare a crew to go after them ten minutes after they leave.

  • If only there were a system by which people could submit ideas and they could be voted on, and then they could be written. Now that would be cool.

    • What do you mean? I'm interested in what you're saying, but i'm not sure I fully understand. As in, we decide on a direction the story should go as a group, and then write it out?

      • Indeed, but without all the clutter of 100s of posts (sometimes completely unrelated to the story at all). In the case of writing on this forum not only do you have the problem I already stated (clutter) but you also have the problem of not completely voicing your ideas (or seeing others voice their ideas). Good ideas can be lost to the waves of posts. In the end you have a story often not what the majority wants, and it is broken up by other posts making the story sometimes impossible to follow.

        What needs to be done would require another website where only a select few (possibly?) could actually write the story, and also a way for everyone to show their ideas and allow those ideas to be voted on. That's at least how I think the best multi-person created fanfic could be written. Otherwise it's just.... confusing and lackluster.

        • While I see what you're saying, I really want it here, because otherwise you get the possible problem of lack of participation, and then also, I think it's better to have the story move along without everyone having to metaphorically sit down and hash things out. Less predictable that way, NO ONE knows what's going to happen. Just let it flow naturally, that's the plan anyway.

  • Elisha Roberts:
    Twenty-something college student at UGA when the Apocalypse begins. Intelligent and pragmatic to an extent. He is from originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is a major character. His primary role is the 'resourceful nerd', that guy who can MacGuyver his way out of situations.

  • I'll post my own character right now.

    Daniel Crelourn used to live up in New York City. His mother died in childbirth and his father, a detective in the major case squad, was killed in a shootout when Daniel was 4. He was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, and lived with them and his cousin Richard until he graduated from high school. He got a bachelor's degree from a fine arts college, but didn't do much with it. He worked as a Private Detective, being lucky enough to get several serious jobs outside of finds lost pets of items. He came down to Macon Georgia when one of his closest friends, James Heckler, had been killed by a crazy person. His plane landed, and only a day later, the city was being torn apart by Walkers. Since then, Daniel has been doing everything he can to survive in the city.

    Daniel has always been incredibly loyal to his friends, though his trust is hard to earn, especially after the Turn. He's not very strong, but he knows how to use a gun, and has good reflexes, preferring blades to blunt objects. He's also very intelligent, and likes to solve problems, that, and his natural inquisitive nature is probably why he was so good at his job. It's also had something to do with why he's lived so long in this new world.

    He's very tall and skinny, and being from the north, fairly pale. He has very "sharp" features and piercing green eyes. His dark-red hair is very long, and though he doesn't worry much about his appearance in this dead world, he tries to keep his beard trimmed. He usually wears a long, thin jacket over his black hoodie. He also has black boots, that were used for trekking through snow up north. As a precautionary measure, he's put duct tape on the sleeves of his hoodies, and near his ankles on his jeans, in hope that Walkers will have trouble biting through it. He also keeps a silver cross around his neck. Although the Catholic Church has most likely fallen, Daniel still hasn't lost his faith in God, hoping that God hasn't abandoned them, and maybe, just maybe, he's the reason why Daniel is still alive.

    • Heres an idea. How about the city is beginning to become infested with walkers and all our characters are on your plane that just landed. That would be pretty sick imo.

      • Hmm... I had another idea, in mind, but that's pretty cool. Have all the characters band together at the airport or something after they find out that the city is overrun.

      • Well, I just realized actually, this is supposed to be after Season 1, but if enoguh people like the idea, we can do that instead.

        • I got a down vote so I guess that's a no... JK its a troll. But I think it would be cool that instead of landing at the airport the pilot got scratched and he didn't think he needed to go to the hospital. So as were flying (wait where are we going?) he loses control as he gets sicker and sicker. The plane crashes and the people we made up are the survivors. Well except Charles Liehser who "dies a terrible death" so maybe he jumped out of plane and his parachute malfunctioned.

        • If we do that, i'll have to re-write my bio lol.

          I vote we stick with it being after season 1, nice idea though.

  • Bruce Denley: High school drop out. QB of his state champ football team junior year. A raging ape-like intelligence (and the temper to boot). He is very strong (physically and emotionally) with a high tolerance for pain. He is extremely loyal and has an upbeat demeanor (usually). He is from Garden City Kansas but was visiting an old friend in a small town in Georgia when the ZA hit. He is a character who plays a major role for a short period of time. His primary goal is the 'get it done guy', the guy who will do what he is told, when he is told.

  • Charles Liehser: College professor of particle physics and anatomy. I have no story for him other than he tries to figure out what is going on from a scientific angle and dies a horrible death because of it...

  • Michael Kendall: Average weight and size. Caucasian(chinese) Catholic boy in his 20's who was visiting relatives in Asia. He is smart, has little emotion, some strength, but makes up in agility. He is fast when it comes to supply gathering and running away from zombies. He tries to speak as less as possible but speaks back when talked to and when it is necessary. In dire situations he keeps his cool and does what needs to be done. He usually wears jeans and a white hoodie with the hood up and a crucifix underneath his hoodie on a black shirt. He has a buzzcut and can handle a gun fairly well. Before the apocalypse he wanted to be a lawyer and was attending at a university. Michael's main goal is to find his family. His three sisters and his parents. He hopes that maybe just maybe they could be alive.

  • Dexter "OJ" Rogerson: Dexter, who goes by OJ is an African American male who is 20 years of age. He has a two year college experience and quit college and pursued a career in the adult entertainment industry, mainly because he was well-endowed. He grew up in a nice neighborhood and was raised by a Dutch and Icelandic gay couple who adopted him in exhange for a limited edition computer. He was born in South Africa and has lived in Georgia his whole life. He has a Will Smith haircut and loves to wear tank tops, red track suit pants, and blue shoes. He is very fond of his clothing, he is also very intelligent on many matters especailly Elton John. He is straight guy but enjoyed watching reruns of RuPaul's drag race. He was filming a pornographic film while the outbreak happened, and has not seen his two fathers ever since. His main goal is to find them, and find his best friend Percy who is an otter who is white and very hairy but doesn't hit the gym alot because he isn't as well endowed as OJ and that hurt his confidence a little but he still loves his best friend. OJ has never fired a gun in his life.

    • Joel A brutal survivor with few moral lines left to cross. Joel, now in his late 40s, has been hardened by the ravages of the fungal pandemic that has devastated civilization as we know it. He’s lost friends, family, and everything he valued in life. Living in one of few remaining military-controlled quarantine zones, he operates as a black market smuggler, dealing in contraband, taking numerous de-humanizing jobs over the years to survive in this new post-pandemic world. Joel’s conscience slowly dwindles away as he shuts down his emotions to cope to his new life.

      Backstory: Daughter killed by military at outbreak years skip by but pain never goes away leading to resistance to trust or connect with anyone till given the job to bring Ellie cure human race only 14 to a small group called fireflies. (more backstory for my character)

    • Ha, very original character. Accepted.

  • Aaron Snow: Aaron is a Caucasian American boy with some British heritage in his blood. He is 14 years old and while not as capable as some adults, he is smart and quick. From a young age he did mountain climbing and rock climbing with his father, aiding his agility. He went to school in a small town, but when the apocalypse started he witnessed his young sister being eaten by a walker, and his Mother committing suicide immediately after. He and his father relocated to ____ (where the story begins) and they survived together. His father taught him how to climb buildings with his climbing axe (very similar to Molly's) so he could move quickly and easily. Aaron isn't brave and he isn't a good fighter. In many cases he has fled, instead of staying to fight walkers. This is how he lost his father; while scavenging two bandits snuck up on his father and threatened to kill him unless he told him the whereabouts of his group... and his father lied to protect him. So he ran, and ran, and didn't stop for as long as he could and has regretted it every day since.

    After the death of his father (he heard the gunshot, so his father is PRESUMED dead, but it is almost a certainty) he has hardened, and whilst still a coward and is not confident in fighting, he refuses to abandon anyone in danger ever again. Aaron survives by traveling from building to building, scavenging and hiding. He can fight with his axe if he has to, but is inept and will most likely lose; he has never fired a gun in his life.

  • Might throw a bit here, tell me if I am late/you have enough and in that case I will GTFO.

    Anton Kirby, nicknamed "Ant", in his early 20s, son of a police officer and housewife. Was born in Louisiana (no specifics there, never been to the US), where he grew up. His mother was killed, when he was 8, due to his father's investigation on a crime syndicate and he was a sole witness of the act (hid in the basement). He is a socially awkward and shy person, having mental issues over grim scene he witnessed in his childhood. Because of his mother's death, he is very paranoid, and knows some combat skills, but only uses them to stay alive himself. He hardly trusts anybody, and keeps to himself, so this trust issue works both ways. His main priority is "stay alive", which contributes much to his actions.

    Hope it isn't a complete mess.

  • Really annoyed to see all the thumbs down on the character creations. Everyone's so far is really good so people seeing this don't worry, post your character and ignore the horrible forum system of "thumbs up/down".

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